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Full Conference Audio Recordings

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This package features audio recordings of all sessions recorded exactly as is happened at the conference.

Includes MP3 files of every session. Listen on your computer or fill your iPod or favorite MP3 player with all the live audio from every session. This package allows you to review presentations and is a lasting valuable resource.


Title Speaker
Recognising The Essence of You Pamela O'Leary
Super Hero Hypnosis Traci Kanaan
Build An Award Winning Hypnosis Business in 5 Easy Steps Sheila Granger
Angel Techniques for Hypnosis Theresa Micheletti
Harness Your Marketing Genius for Passionate Business Growth! Holly Stokes
The Gallery Hypnosis: Stuck in Time Gila Zak
Stop The Amygdala Hijack! Kevin Cole
The Neuro-Logical Levels of Awareness Carlos Casados
Panel - Athletes and Sports Performance Caryn Bird; Rob De Groof; Tom Laessig; Jo Moon; Joni Neidigh
EMDR Skills for Hypnotherapists and Hypnotist Kate Beaven-Marks
Virtual Income Streams-How to Navigate in the Virtual World Victoria Gallagher
ZenZero Self Hypnosis System for Groups and Individuals Martin Castor Peterson
Mind Over Menopause Helen Breward
Generative Trance and Client Driven Hypnosis Michael Watson
Life In the Past Lane Maria Bird
Hypnosis 101 Steven Rollins
The Subtle Art of Mentalism Misha Tuesday
What Do Great Chefs, Artists and Hypnotists Have in Common?  Kelli von Heydekampf
Fix My Child! - How to Conduct an Effective Pre-Talk with Parents Mona Abdulrahim-Santl
The Real Secret to Weight Loss Success Tom Nicoli
Become an EXPERT in the Resort / Hotel / Conference Centre Market! Richard Cole
Integrative Addiction Solutions Melissa Tiers
Panel - Fundamentals Sean Michael Andrews; Titan Lunaro; Jo Moon
Selling Success to the Subconscious Roy Hunter
NLP ESSENTIALS: The PreSuppositions Michelle Williard Hoffer
Your Six-Figure Hypnosis Business Suzie Bowers
What is Sex Therapy? Melanie Modjoros
The Surprising Power of the Open Loop Nicholas Spohn
The Single Most Powerful Self-Hypnosis Technique Richard Nongard
Go-To Scripts & Techniques for an Client Including Athletes Caryn Bird
My $500K Hypnosis Funnel Jason Linett
The Homunculus Protocol Bill Anapoell
The Ups and Downs of Sexual Performance Anxiety Melanie Modjoros
Instant & Rapid Hypnosis Inductions Sean Michael Andrews
Using Hypnosis to Resolve Post Trauma Effectively Karl Smith
HFT: Hypnotic Field Therapy Michael Werner
Panel - Marketing Curtis Floth; Victoria Gallagher; Dennis Paul; Conny Wladkowski
Geared for Success Rich Guzzi
Overcoming Resistance to Change Kathy Gruver
Words That Change Minds William Horton
What Mr. Rogers Can Still Teach Us Stephanie Conkle
Incorporating Hypnotherapies: Journey of Cancer Seth-Deborah Roth
Everyday Hypnosis Shawn Carson
Videos That Grab Clients Chris Thompson
Evolving Hypnotherapy The Global Influence of Dave Elman Cheryl Elman
Imposter Syndrome Matt Bradley
Regression to Cause & Fix it - The Most Versatile Tool to Own Hansruedi Wipf
Sports Hypnosis: Developing Gold Medal Mentally Tough Althletes Joni Neidigh
Corporate Hypnosis Anthony Galie
What I Learned on America's Got Talent Chris Jones
Panel - Weight Loss Lydia M; Sheila Granger; Joseph Onesta; Holly Stokes
Panel - Fertility and In Vitro Connie Hambrock; Sara Herring; Tina Sanders
Sleight of Mind- Fast Changes with Precision Robert Smith
Speed Reading People for Fun & Profit - Body Language & More David Snyder
Market Yourself Fearlessly Jim Kellner
Emotional Intelligence Development to Expand Your Hypnosis Practice Amber Cox
Movie Metaphors Adam Cox
Panel - Trauma Wendy McNish; Afke VM; John Masters; Mary Welp; Ken Guzzo
Panel - Shamanism Carlos Casados; Desiree Holmes Scherini; Olga Lavrukhina; Shelley Stockwell
Reverese T2 Diabetes Joseph Onesta
Metaphoric Associative Cards Natalya Chevskaya
Anatomy of a Hypnosis Research Project Garry Coles
Coaching the Five Bodies Jess Marion
Master the Art of Mentalism - Real Worlds Superpowers for Hypnotists Michael C Anthony
Lessons from 10 Years of Dental Hypnosis Juan Acosta
Hypnotivity - FINALLY a Replacement for Brainstorming Frank Prince
Covert Sales from Facebook Groups Jason Linett
LIVE Client Session with a Serious Presenting Issue Ken Guzzo
Panel - Intake/Pretalk Rick Green; Carrie Hewerdine; Debbie Taylor
Discover Child Hypnotherapy and fall in love with it! Barbara Scholl
STORY TIME… The Neuro-Science of Narrative Magic Myth and Metaphor Reveal David Snyder
Everything You Know is Wrong * (*it doesn't matter) Seth Breidbart
Deconstructing Rapid Inductions Terry Blome
Ten Tips for New Stage Hypnotists Lisa Kunschick
Hypnosis will Destroy the Patriarchy Lucky Benson
The One-Two Punch of Neuroplasticity Joseph Onesta
Spiritual Hypnotherapy Randi Light
Bones and Ancestral Healing of Inherited Sufferings and Beliefs Paul Wong
The BEAT Pattern Sarah Carson
Unconscious Bias - What Your Clients Tell You Before They Speak Dr. Matt Morano
How to Hypnotize Anyone for any Reason Shelley Stockwell
YOU are the Hypnosis! Kelli von Heydekampf
How to Conduct Hypnotic Presentations Using Hypnosis Derrick Watkins
Panel - Stage Tom Faith; Rich Guzzi; Lisa Kunschick; Tommy Vee
Soul Retrieval Gail Webster
Introduction to Time Line Therapy Techniques Carolyn Ching
Books, Books, Authors, and More Books: A to Z Jo Moon
Panel - Mentalism Tracy Gray; Misha Tuesday; Michael C Anthony
Key Elements to Social Media, Marketing, & Management Michael Almaraz
The Most Important Element of your Stage Hypnosis Presentation Tommy Vee
Got Science Tracy Gray
Improving Sports Technique Using Hypnosis Nicole Weber
Hypnotic Ayahuasca Marian Spurgeon
Hypnotic Course Design James Ledoux
Two Minds Technique Gila Zak
The Simpson Protocol Gregory Sartin-Beckett
The Imagery Lab James Dayley
Panel - Hypnosis in Color, Black Hypnotists: A Hypnotic Perspective Farida Gipson Burtt; Mercedes Herman; Chris Jones; Steven Rollins; Derrick Watkins
Stressless Approach to Working with Complex Conditions Adrian Madril
Hypnosis Is Not Just For Breakfast Anymore Michael DeSchalit
Active Energetic Meditation Bernie Dittrich
Denominalization of Your Time Mind. Tim McNickle
Awareness & Logical Thinking: Esdaile Incidences as Evidence on Saturday Larry Elman
Hypnotic systems and PRODUCTivity Michal Cielakowski
Energy Ritual, Language that Melts, and Tantric Yoga for Healing Jon Galane
Working with Clients with MS or Other Debilitating Diseases Bruce Bonczyk
Launch Your Hypnosis Career Now! Jim Kellner
Grace Protocol: A TRULY Integrative Approach Sandra Grace
Goal Affirmation Technique Karen Hand
Fun with Inductions! Stephanie Conkle; Kaz Riley
The Nonverbal Induction Marx Howell
Panel - Body/Somatics Joel Elfman; Donata Dobinska; David Snyder; Michelle Davidson
Panel - Public Speaking & Workshops Nicole Hanson; Sharon Jurd; Artur Makiela; Derrick Watkins
Weight Release without Dieting Theresa Price
Power Language: Words That Change Minds Mike Mandel
No Green M&Ms: The Perfect Contract for your Stage Gigs James Szeles
Educate Your Clients: (Interactive) Pre-talk Videos Rob De Groof
Oh Sh*t, What Now? Anthony Gitch
Panel - Energy Healing Michelle Baca; Paul Wong; Bernie Dittrich; Randi Light
Panel - Tech/Sound Richard Rumble; TJ Ziebell; Byron Paul Hynes
Pryanyama (breath), Mantra (sound), and Meditation Martin Baratz
Your Voice is Your Money Maker Rob De Groof
Persuasive Hypnosis Rich Guzzi
Craving Busters: Hypnotic Techniques to Break Addictions Matt McMillan
Addictions in 2022 New Research William Horton
Superhero Regression: The Active Wiser You Fredric Mau
Layering: Hypno-Surround Sound Suzanne Bratton; Deana Cooper Chapman
Behavioral Loopholes Chase Hughes
Life of the party XXL Tracy Gray
Panel - What Anxiety Really Is and How to End It Tim Box; Kelly Fisher; Cynde Gardner; Melissa Tiers; Michael Watson; Conny Wladkowski
Trauma Recovery Hypnosis Timothy Trujillo
The Big O: Helping Women Find Orgasmic Bliss Kaz Riley
The International Online Six-Figure Practice Jason Linett
Body Speaks Teresa Perciful
Speak to Their Problem, not Your Solution Scott King
Put Insomnia to Sleep Randi Light
Motivational Fortune-Telling with Playing Cards Jeffrey Richards
Confidently Create Amazing Online Hypnosis Classes Amanda Dell’Aquila
MindBlowing MindBending Language Martin Castor Peterson
The Genie Protocol Michael DeSchalit
Stop Dieting to Lose Weight, Become Trimmer Fern Tausig
Using Hypnosis and NLP with Actors Albert Bramante
The Structure of Change: Making it Stick Melissa Tiers
Religious and Spiritual Trauma, how to Heal Nickolas Ely
Panel - Medical Patricia Ziemba; Juan Acosta; Seth-Deborah Roth; Fredric Mau; Melissa Roth
Meta Programs for Motivation and Influence Robert Chase
The Importance of Clinical Supervision Claire de la Varre
Subconscious Stimulation of Subliminal Messages Farida Gipson Burtt
HeartSourcing : A Path To Love and Liberation Michelle Braun
Therapist Self-Care Matters! Kate Beaven-Marks
Hypno Skills You'll Be Glad To Have Juan Acosta; Juan Ugalde
Up Until Now Technique: Master the Power of the Present Sandra Grace
Sneaky Hypnosis Jolana Andre and Rich Guzzi
Uncommon Business Building That Works Anthony Gitch
Panel - Self Care: Creating the Life That Brings You Joy! Kryssa Bowman; Sarah Siegel; Jassteena Dhawan
Panel - Working with the LGBTQ+ Community Gregory Sartin-Beckett; Daniel Browne; Dan Candell
Emotional Do-Over Angie Hernandez
How to Make Money Online as a Hypnotherapist Steve G Jones
Increase Your Business with a Sales Funnel Trina Koning
Accessibility and Hypnosis Dan Hetrick CHt
Working with Front Line Workers Dan Goyette
Panel - Coaching Connie Holmes; Kathy Gruver; Kim Guillroy; Mark Sewell
Young Men in Crisis Nickolas Ely
Liability Insurance Dale Wittick
Forensic Hypnosis Marx Howell
Dating Protocols for the New Age! TJ Ziebell
An Introduction to the Healing Power of Psychedelics Carlos Casados; Jess Marion
Improvisation, Imagination, and Inductions! Oh My! Traci Kanaan
Hypnotic Regression Therapy: Benefits & Concerns Roy Hunter
Drop A Pants Size in 4 Weeks With Hypnosis! - Delivering Online and In Groups Sheila Granger
Panel - Neurology, Amygdala, and Vagus Nerve Sandra (Sandy) Bemis; Carrie East; Tim McNickle; Melissa Tiers
Panel - Business Insights Craig Meriwether; Laney Coulter
Build Powerful Relationships Hena Husain
Order the Steps Mercedes Herman
Hobbyist to Professional, the 5 Things You Must Do NOW! Scott Christie
Face Reading & Chinese Medical Hypnotherapy David Snyder
The Four Diamonds of Clinical Hypnosis - A Heuristic Framework Bridging Neuroscience and Western Medicine James Harrison
Beyond Words: Tonality That Moves the Mind Titan Lunaro
Children & Teens Mona Abdulrahim-Santl; Kevin Cole; Barbara Scholl; Claire de la Varre
The Hypnotic Client Magnet Grant Burrill
Hands On Hypnosis Mr. P.
5 Simple Steps to Grow Your Income Sharron Jurd
NLP Techniques for Manifesting David Snyder
Yogananda Breathing Jim Kellner
Hypnotic Confidence Jim Kellner


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