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 15988 Danger of Amalgams - Andrew Cutler, PhD, PE $15.00   
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Duration: 1 hr 18 min

Danger of Amalgams and Mercury Detoxification

This talk explains what factors put people at risk for mercury poisoning from dental amalgam and other everyday sources, lists sources people may not be aware of for mercury and other heavy metals, and explains the details of how to determine if someone indeed has a clinically significant amount of mercury in them, and if so how to detoxify them safely. The details of detoxification are both obscure and important - seemingly slight changes in a protocol may make the difference between someone getting better, or getting horribly permanently worse.

Andrew Hall Cutler, PhD, PE is the author of Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment and also of Hair Test Interpretation: Finding Hidden Toxicities. These books are described at www.noamalgam.com and www.noamalgam.com/hairtestbook.html. He has a PhD in chemistry from Princeton, a BS in physics from the University of California. He is a registered patent agent and a licensed professional chemical engineer. He currently works as a detox consultant as well as writing books. He does not have any sort of health care license and nothing he says is intended as medical advice. His curriculum vita can be viewed at www.noamalgam.com/vita.html.



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