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 20905 - Tailoring Hypnotic Interventions to Your Client's Hypnotic Talents $16.00   
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Presenter: Ronald J. Pekala, PhD

Hypnotizability appears to vary widely across individuals and yet few therapists use any type of hypnotic assessment when using hypnosis with their clients. This workshop will focus on acquainting therapists with a methodology for measuring hypnotic responsivity from a more phenomenological and client-centered focus: the Phenomenology of Consciousness Inventory-Hypnotic Assessment Procedure (PCI-HAP). This assessment protocol allows for the assessment of several of the “domains” hypothesized by leading theorists to be related to hypnotism: suggestibility, altered state (trance) effects, and expectancy, in addition to accessing the phenomenological parameters of the client’s hypnotic experience.

The workshop will review ways of utilizing these domains and parameters for hypnotic interventions: generating process-congruent suggestions consistent with the client’s hypnotic experiences. This approach allows the clinician to obtain a “sample” of their client’s hypnotic responsivity from this more phenomenological perspective and hence can be quite useful to the clinician in determining what hypnotic talents their particular client possesses. Participants will be able to go to a website (www.quantifyingconsciousness.com) to download the EXCEL program to score the PCI-HAP. Clinical cases illustrating the hypnotic assessment process with individuals of varying hypnotic responsivity will be briefly reviewed, time permitting. Additionally, participants will receive the administration and interpretative manuals for the PCI-HAP.

This workshop will allow the clinician to better target the hypnotic talents of his/her client and tailor the content of hypnotic suggestions to be congruent with the processes activated by hypnosis for their particular client.
During and at the conclusion of this session, the attendee will be able to:
-> Identify quantifiable data on their client’s hypnotic responsivity across several different domains; and
-> Exhibit a better understanding of the nature of hypnosis, and a greater ability to understand their client’s pheomenological world, since the therapist will be able to obtain a “snapshot” of that world from the PCI-HAP


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