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 26182 - How To Put NUTRIENT DENSITY Back Into Meat, Milk and Eggs??We Have Gone from Aurochs to Shmoos $18.00   
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Presenter: Will Winter, DVM

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We have come a long ways from Dr. Price?s time, when an egg was still an egg was an egg. But now, after 100 years of erosion and topsoil mining all across America, there isn?t the degree of mineral density coming into the plants that would be needed to create nutrient-dense meat, milk and eggs properly. ?Even most of our wild game has lost their indigenous access to essential nutrients; deer living anywhere near farms are basically GMO-corn-fed and therefore disease-ridden, instinct-deprived and sloppy fat! Over 95% of our noble bison are finished in GMO corn feedlots. ?On top of soil loss, one must add the problems and deficiencies associated with the entire system of CAFO-raised animals, who spent their entire lives with little or no exercise, on wet concrete with no access to sunlight, fresh air or real plants. We now have chickens that mature in eight weeks, hogs in six months, and dairy cows that can live no longer than 44 months. So-called scientists have created livestock that are bred for startling growth, ignorant weight gain and no brains. No wonder people are getting fatter, dumber, sicker and easier to lead around.?

But it?s a new day.? We start now from the soil up, creating organic matter-rich, heavily mineralized, pollution-free and biologically-alive soil. We can create biodiverse plant species plantings, as well as fully-nourished and completely drug-free livestock breeds that radiate the deep flavor, color, texture and nutritional density that was common a hundred of years ago. Applying all this true science as well as all this ancient wisdom we can recreate a world of wholesome food that can allow us to raise intelligent, immune-strong, fertile and beautiful children, plus we can save the planet while we are doing it! What?s wrong with that?


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