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 26813 - Achieving Inner Safety by Clinical Hypnosis and Healing Relationship $48.00   
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Presenter: Harvey Zarren, MD

Many people have physical symptoms without any test revealing an origin and with multiple therapies failing to achieve relief. Examples include pseudo-seizures, many pain syndromes and entities such as Fibromyalgia. This presenter has achieved successful outcomes in patients with such conditions utilizing clinical hypnosis and Healing Relationship. This presentation will cover useful concepts and tools derived from successful clinical outcomes including: Inner Safety as the ability to live feeling capable of dealing with the challenges of life. Many patients lacking this inner feeling limit their capacity to deal with challenges. Inner Safety can be created or restored. Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social aspects of wellness are distinctions that are not real inside the biology giving people the anatomic and functional experiences of being alive. Unfortunately our current healthcare system thinks the distinctions are real. The subconscious mind is our best friend, devoted to our survival and wellness. When it perceives something that it feels is not for our wellness and/or survival it can use our biology to get our attention that something needs attention. Gene expression (genes making molecules) underlies our biology. The genes making the biologically active molecules only make up 2% of our DNA; the remainder is control switches for the 2%. Our switches can change. Brain plasticity is the ability of genes to create new brain cells and cell connections. Healing Relationship and clinical hypnosis can restore Inner Safety, convince the subconscious to stop ?Rattling our cage,? and can affect genes switches and brain plasticity.


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