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 Press Ganey 2018 National Client Conference - Audio Recordings $329.00   
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This interactive multimedia DVD-ROM or USB Flash Drive features All sessions live audio in MP3 format recorded at Press Ganey National Client Conference Nov. 12-14, 2018! This package includes all of the sessions from the Press Ganey National Client Conference plus the preconference sessions.

MP3 audio files of every session. Captured LIVE during the conference. Also includes handouts of all the sessions.

Listen on your computer or fill your iPod or favorite MP3 player with all the live audio from every session.

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Item Monday, November 12, 2018  
31171 Ambulatory Quality and Safety: Realizing the High Reliability Journey Beyond Hospital Walls Shannon Lutz, Anne-Claire France
31172 The Road to High Reliability: Engaging Physician Leaders in the Value of a Peer Review Program Tracela Vaden, Constance Rego
31173 Transcending from Acute Care to a Clinically Integrated Network: A Story of High Reliability Rosalind Washington, Lynn Myers, Jeremy Neurohr
31174 The Amazing Race: Instilling Competition and Fun to Improve the Patient Experience Sandy Rush, Page West
31175 Harnessing the Patient Voice to Strengthen Experience, Loyalty and Brand Dennis Jolley
31176 Integrated Teams Walk the Patients’ Journey for Access Improvement Wendy Watson, Chantelle Schenning, Kari Engholm, Cyrus Lee, Adam Morris
31177 Strategies to Foster RN Resilience & Reduce Burnout Christina Dempsey
31178 Improving Physician Engagement: Aligning Safety, Quality and the Experience of Care Vicki LoPachin, Erica Rubinstein
31179 Pathway to Unparalleled Employee Engagement ​Carole Hackett, Thomas Vernon
31180 Virtuous Cycle of Safety: A Focus on Safety Drives Outcomes in Quality, Experience, Engagement & Efficiency Craig Clapper, Steve Kreiser
31181 Redefining Workforce Safety by Adopting a Patient Safety Approach Renee Ghaheri, Jay Santiago
31182 High Reliability Training: Moving Clinical and Nonclinical Staff from Knowledge to Habit Formation ​Karen Birmingham
31183 Creating a Strategic Volunteer Rounding Program Anastasia Luby, Karen McLaughlin
31184 Transforming Care in the Ambulatory Setting CJ Merrill, Lauren Valencic
31185 Advancing Our Commitment to Care: Implementing a Service Training & Sustainability Program at Your Organization Tracy Laibson, Sara Criger
31186 Get Your Emoji On: A Creative Approach to Communication about Medication Lucy Leclerc, Yona Roberts, Cami Mitelman
31187 Beyond Data: Successful Strategies to Engage Physicians in Patient Experience Richard R. Orlandi
31188 Engaging to Enhance Patient and Staff Outcomes Elena Memoracion, Kerri Anne Scanlon
31189 Significant Increase: An Introduction to the Statistics of Patient Experience Kristopher Morgan
Item Tuesday, November 13, 2018  
31190 Demystifying Integrated Data for Real-Life Action Planning Deirdre Mylod
31191 Building Readiness for Change: An Air Force Medical Services High Reliability  Discussion Colonel Theresa Clark
31192 Meeting the Challenge of Patient Safety and Reliability in the Outpatient Setting Julie Wright, Bonnie Jacklin
31193 An Evolving Definition of Experience: Unifying Strategy with Safety Leslie Meyer, Nicole Justus
31193 Designing the Care Experience of the Future: Assessing the Impact of Virtual Care Susannah Rose
31194 Developing Physician Communication as a Strategic Priority Joyce Phillip, David Schwartz, Rukiya Wongus
31195 Implementing a 10-Question Survey: Do's and Don’ts and Strategy Discussion Lisa Allen, Chevaunne Edwards
31196 Nurse Leader Rounding: Positive Impact on Patient Loyalty Kelly Johnson, Christine Cunningham
31197 Creating Collaboration: The Hospitalist-Steered Multidisciplinary Partnership Dhaval Desai, Jennifer Barlow
31198 Engaging Leaders at All Levels for Tier 3 Success David Marra, Danita Gainer, Wendy Kissinger
31199 Prioritizing Top Safety Risks in the Ambulatory Setting Andrea Barberi, Jennifer Cluppert
31200 Simulating High Reliability Leadership Using a Multimodal Education Approach ​Brenda Perkins-Meingast, Ivanka Hanley
31201 Transformational Principles & Governance for Sustainable Change James Merlino
31202 Solving for Access by Using the Voice of the Patient and Lean Approaches James Demopoulos
31203 Patient Experience Improvements through Innovative Group Therapy Transformations Patricia Regan, Shuntelle Stephen
31204 Urban Zen Integrative Therapy: An Innovative Model for Non-Pharmacologic Symptom Management Ellen Wilson, Wendy Tucker
31205 Improving Hospitalist HCAHPS Scores: The Need for Executive and Physician Leadership Ghazala Sharieff
31206 Achieving Top Decile Physician Engagement Mickey Foster, Joseph Stern, Jonathan Berry
31207 The ANA Enterprise: Moving Nurses Forward Debbie Hatmaker
31208 Building a High Reliability Organization, One High Reliability Unit at a Time Katie Foley, Jacklynn Lesniak
31209 Integrating a Systemwide Approach to Safety Event Classification® (SEC®) Mary Herold, Travis Mitchell
31210 Advancing Across the Board: Connections for HCAHPS Domains Tom Tull
31211 Medical Practice - The Sharp Point of Health Care Consumerism Chrissy Daniels
31212 Using Transparency of Data to Improve Communication at Your Organization Jane Arnold, Vikki Bridgford, Carla Miles
31213 Keeping Heart Failure Patients Engaged and at Home: Avoiding Hospital Readmissions Michelle Little, Diane Gaylord
31214 Including Patients in Decision Making Charles Bissell, Becky Fritz
31215 Recruitment to Retention and Everything in Between Ingrid Cheslek, Karen Powell, Emily Babson
31216 Leveraging Cross-Domain Analysis to Prioritize Strategic Improvement Initiatives Amy McLaughlin, Aubrey Podell
31217 Integrated Analytics to Identify Transformational Priorities Nell Buhlman, Iyue Sung
31218 Walk the Talk: Would You Share Your Daily Safety Huddle Summary with the Entire Organization? Jennifer Sipert, Gerda Stafford
31219 Applying Safety Strategies to the Ambulatory Physician Environment  Jack Soterakis, Lesli Giglio, Eileen Esposito
31220 Engaging Staff in Safety and Compassion Through a Patient Experience Strategy Mindy Spigel
31221 Finding the Patient Voice During Times of Disruptive Change Paul Sternberg Jr.; Brian Carlson
31222 Engaging Physicians: Benefits for Physicians and Patients Megan Sullivan, Lori Mackey
31223 Transforming Patient-Centric Care by Inspiring Leadership at Every Level Brian Brasser, Josh Kooistra
31224 Crafting a Successful Patient and Family Experience: Patient Experience Is the Brand Marie Elivert, Christopher Roker, Vincent Rizzo
31225 ED Access Strategy for Sustainable Improvement Richard Nordahl, Sara Zolle
31226 Understanding the Changes of the Future Workforce 2025 Joseph Moscola
31227 Safety and Patient Experience: High Reliability Practices in Pursuit of Integrated Excellence Gia DeMichele, Karen Byrnes
31228 High Reliability Education: Catering to the Diverse Needs of Physicians Brian Kaminski
31229 ​Reaching Organizational Goals by Breaking Free From Endless Tactics Wanda Sharp, Jason Chang
31230 Using an Innovation Mindset to Create Best Practices and Impact Patient Experience Chaise Camp, Jeremy Carr
31231 Patient Responsibility: Patient-Centered Process Improvement in the Revenue Cycle Kellie Olmstead, Bill Britton
31232 Focus on Safety and the Experience: Nursing’s Avenue to Always in Women’s and Infants’ Services Ryan Garvey, Patricia Haresign
31233 Physician Burnout, Resilience and Grit in Health Care Thomas H. Lee
31234 Culture as a Catalyst for Improving Workforce Commitment Lois Bentler-Lampe, AJ Querciagrossa
31235 Creating and Sustaining Accountability and Engagement within Your Organization Ashley Holmstrom, Ulondia Lee, Denzil Ross
Item Wednesday, November 14, 2018  
31236 Organizational Culture: Reinvigorating and Sustaining Your Safety Coaches Ann Marie Stein, Nancy Billington
31237 Safety Starts with Me: A Hybrid Approach to Error Prevention Training Nikki Polis, Nancy Billington
31238 Patient Experience and Engagement Through Team Rounding Strategies Suzanne Smith
31239 Beyond Bricks and Mortar: Building a Culture of Excellence Geralyn Karpiscak, James Demetriades
31240 ​Reducing Wait Times in the ER with an Effective Admission Strategy Dawn Moeller, Yvonne Miller
31241 Building a Partnership between Nursing and Support Services Deborah Fulbrook, Tammy Razmic
31242 Leveraging the Organization’s Core Identity to Develop a Cultural Strategy  Joan Zoltanski, Jennifer Lorenz
31243 Common Threads: Aligning Your Workforce Around the Patient Promise Joseph Cabral, Mary Jo Assi, Linda McHugh, K. Kelly Hancock
31244 Support Services Workers: The Unsung Heroes in Patient Experience Thomas "Dusty" Deringer
31245 How to Give Your Safety Coaching Program More Muscle Nancy Curdy, Michael Todd, Deborah Armstrong
31246 ​Engaging Executive Ownership of Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Steve Mrozowski
31247 Patient Comments: Is Your Organization Listening? Margaret Muir, Victoria Orto, Heather Mitchell
31248 Building Team Engagement to Improve Patient Experience David Perez, Radha Mahale
31249 Rewards and Recognition in an Era of Improvement Opportunities  Rebecca Guess
31250 Involving Nursing in the Design and Implementation of Workflow to Reduce LWBS Elizabeth Tedesco, Jonathan Landis
31251 ​Improving Access and Adopting Innovation With Shared Medical Appointments Marianne Sumego
31252 Integrating a Comprehensive Workforce and Engagement Strategy Tammy Wright, Greg Johns
31253 Situational Awareness: Crucial Circumstances That Lend Themselves to High Reliability Hazel Pennington, Teresa Anderson
31254 ​Improving Your Serious Safety Event Rate® (SSER) When Reductions Have Flatlined Terrie Van Buren, Giselle Krieger
31255 Beyond Rounding: Creating a Culture of Connection Catherine Sokoloff, Jenny Rozenberg, Catherine Manley-Cullen
31256 Working With Health Care Teams to Improve the Experience of Patients Summer Allen, Sheryl Nemec
31257 Journey to Engagement: Strategies to Improve Patient and Staff Experience Cassandra Cuesta, Roxana Taveira
31258 Improving Communication With Nurses through the Compassionate Connected Care Model Kellie Barr, Katie Starkey
31259 Patient Experience: Making Performance Improvement More Meaningful through Cultural Transformation Nikole Devries
31260 Using Transparency to Enhance the Patient-Doctor Experience Barry Goldberg


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