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 30068 - The Art and Science of Ideomotor Signaling: History, Theory, Application $16.00   
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Presenter: Sherwin Yaffe, MD; Dabney Ewin, MD

The Art and Science of Ideomotor Signaling: History, Theory, Application

Ideomotor signaling is a powerful but likely underused intervention in Hypnotherapy. This workshop will first trace the historical evolution of the ideomotor concept from ancient times up to the present and will highlight the major contributions of those clinicians who have been most involved with structuring and expanding the technique. Secondly, several theories will be presented, both from a physiological and psychological perspective of how ideomotor signaling actually works. Lastly attendees will break into small groups to practice eliciting ideomotor phenomena and practice on how to question the unconscious mind such as to produce maximum efficiency of information. Attendees will have a clearer understanding of this phenomena and how it takes place to enable better use of ideomotor signelling during trance to help patients identify and solve a wide variety of medical and psychological conditions. Attendees should be able to feel much more comfortable using the technique and emphasis will also be placed on identifying road blocks and pit falls which may arise and how to deal with resistances in treatment when they occur. Attendees will also be given a list of extensive references to refer to thus making research in the topic much more accessible and simpler to use from a clinical perspective.


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