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 33011 - The Art, Science and Story of Fermentation $18.00   
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Presenter: Leslie Bobb and Lyndsay Gutierrez

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The ever-expanding body of scientific literature connecting the gut to the function of all other systems highlights the importance of gut health more than ever. Yet, our culture supports all the things that damage this inner ecosystem. As a nation, our health is worse than ever. Every culture throughout history has practiced fermentation, could this be a missing piece? Fermentation is where art, science and health meet. In a world that is so disconnected and dis-eased, our mission is to help heal some of the spaces between us, and spaces within us, by engaging in something most of us love to do?eat. This talk will explore the history of fermentation, the ways in which modern science is supporting ancient wisdom and the art behind mastering this craft. You?ll learn why you should ferment and what, exactly, that means, as well as how to get started in your own kitchen.


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