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 33013 - Healing Leaky Gut $25.00   
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Presenter: Kiran Krishner

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Over a decade worth of microbiome research has revealed a clear pathology to leaky gut and intestinal barrier function. The research has also described the fundamental dysfunctions in the Standard American Gut that leads to severe leaky gut and ultimately to chronic disease. It is quite surprising that conditions as varied as gastroesophageal reflux, clinical depression, diabetes, autoimmune disease, obesity and even cancers have the same cause driving the risk and development of the disease despite these conditions manifesting in such different ways. As we come to understand the standard and common dysfunctions of the microbiome and the intestinal lining, we can begin to repair and rebuild our most vital system. Intelligent modulation of the microbiota, the rebuilding of the mucosal structures and reestablishment of the tight-junctions will play a significant role in truly effective therapeutics to address the vast majority of chronic conditions. In this talk, we will discuss the most common pathology of leaky gut that is driven by dysbiosis. We will also cover the origin of chronic illness in this modern age.


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