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 34021 - Gut and Physiology Syndrome - Natasha Campbell-McBride $55.00   
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Presenter: Natasha Campbell-McBride

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All diseases begin in the gut! This is a statement made by the father of medicine, Hippocrates. The more we learn using our modern scientific tools the more we realize just how correct Hippocrates was! Dr. Campbell-McBride will be talking about GAP Syndrome or GAPS, which stands for Gut And Physiology Syndrome. Autoimmune problems, allergies, asthma, eczema, MS, chronic fatigue syndrome, ME, fibromyalgia, arthritis, type 1 diabetes, chronic cystitis, chronic skin problems and many other physical conditions will be discussed. All of these problems are becoming more common in children and adults. Campbell-McBride will explain what GAPS is and how to treat it with a sound nutritional protocol based on common sense and dietary traditions used by people for millennia all over the world.


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