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 2017 Mid-America Hypnosis Conference - All SEMINARS MP3 Audio Package $189.00   

Available on CD-ROM or USB Flash Drive

Special Pricing for a limited time only $189 - post conference pricing will be $260

This interactive multimedia CD-ROM or USB Flash Drive features All Seminars sessions live audio in MP3 format recorded at 2017 Mid-America Hypnosis Conference, October 20-22, 2017 in Northbrook, IL!

MP3 audio files of every session listed below. Captured LIVE during the conference.

Listen on your computer or fill your iPod or favorite MP3 player with all the live audio from every session.

(workshops not included)


29511 Are You the Weight-Loss Expert in Your Area? Joanne Eadie, Sheila Grainger
29512 What’s Love Got To Do With  It?     Shelly Stockwell-Nicholas
29513 My Life Is Over: The Art of Coaching Through Disability  Jess Marion 
29514 Benefits of Past Life Regressions    Toni Winninger 
29515 Facilitation of Body-Oriented Processes to Increase Self-Awareness    Leighton Clark 
29516 What Is Hypnosis?   Fred Kutchins 
29517 Emotional Choice    Michael Watson 
29518 Tips from the Best Speakers to “Talk Like TED”    Jane Govoni 
29519 Create Positive Change One “Golden Word” at a Time    Sally Stone 
29520 Life Patterns and the Big Picture    Donald Hood 
29521 Nested Loop Storytelling Trance     James Hazlerig 
29522 Complete Release of Grief, & Release of Spirits Tom Masbuam 
29523 Creating a Successful Hypnosis Practice in a Rural Community    Rick Longstreth & Jenn Bovee 
29524 Marijuana & Hypnosis    Melissa Roth 
29525 Eliminate Subconscious Programming with the Heart Wisdom Process    Paul Wong 
29526 Working with Clients with Aspergers/High Functioning Autism  Jody Kimmell 
29527 Forgive Others, Forgive Yourself    Philip Steffen 
29528 The Power Of Affirmations    Barbara Habschmidt 
29529 Unusual and Mystifying Hypnosis You Can Do During a Lecture or Any Type of Presentation    Ernie Telkemeyer 
29530 Interactive Hypnosis Using Dual Inductions    Karen Hand 
29531 Time Travel Through Hypnosis    Astrid Spencer 
29532 PAY the RENT!!: Hypnosis Programs for Weight Loss and Smoking Cessation    William Mitchell 
29533 Hypnoanalysis Techniques Adapted to Empower Your Hypnosis Sessions    Kayla Bailey 
29534 Success-From Scarcity into More Than Enough!    Dawn and Drew Ferguson 
29535 Creating Real Wonder and Magic for Change    Scott McFall 
29536 What You Need to Know Before You Start Marketing  Scott Sandland 
29537 ThetaHealing - Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life  Christine Sonnen 
29538 Creating Client Expectations for Maximum Success  Michael DeSchalit 
29546 Keynote: Changing at the Speed of Thought    Jason Linett 
29547 The CIA Pattern - Creating Your Inner Dream Team  Sarah Carson 
29548 Hypnosis and the Subconscious Mind    Barbara Habschmidt 
29549 Intuition: Is it Helping or Sabotaging You?   Maureen Deer 
29550 The Healer of the Past: Regression to Source    Sophia Kramer 
29551 Demonstrations of the Subconscious Mind  Carm Blacconiere 
29552 ReInvent Yourself!    Linda Williamson 
29553 X – Out Student Testing Jitters    Marx Howell 
29554 How to Set Goals and Word Suggestions    Patricia Tooren 
29555 The Importance of Your Pre-Talk    Brian Gilbert 
29556 Hypnotist Hygiene – No, it's Not About How You Smell!  Olivia Shelkey 
29557 “Instant and Rapid Inductions”    Sean Michael Andrews 
29558 Self Hypnosis Inductions and Deepening Techniques  Joe Agostinelli 
29559 Chakras, How They Impact Your Clients    Darcy Mason 
29560 4 Step Meta Pattern – Key To Change    Francis Runzel 
29561 Tricks and Ways To Reinforce Suggestions    Jean Bailey 
29562 Discover Your Inner Healer    Sandy Daliege 
29563 The Magnificent Metaphor    Rick Green 
29564 Creating Loving Relationships (Yes! Really! With EVERYONE in Your Life!)    Hena Husain 
29565 Natural Supplement in Conjunction with Post Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Treatment    Dr. J.A.Sánchez-Domenech 
29566 The Buddha’s Meditation on Loving Kindness    Shel Newman 
29579 Soul Mediumship®    Karen Paolino Correia 
29580 Understanding The Times We Are In; 2017 A New Chapter   Alice Stacionis
29581 GO FORK YOURSELF--Hypnoidal Sound Treatment for Self and Clients    Deborah Dillon 
29582 Akashic Records    Sharon Hintz 
29583 Mental Training For Athletes & Performers    Randi Light 
29584 Recognizing Your Greatness     Shawn Carson 
29585 Discovering Your Intuitive Genuis    Nancy Creely 
29586 The Shaman Within     Bluehawks Stec
29587 Naikan: The Japanese Art of Self-Reflection    Rob Mican 
29588 Rapid Non-contextual Trauma Release    Michelle Braun 
29589 EXPECTATION: The Secret to Sales and Session Success  Jason Linett 
29590 The Happiness Factor in Neuroplasticity  Kate Randall-Mayhew 
29591 Iseikido: Active Vibrational Energy Healing    Richard Smith 
29592 The Simpson Protocol: Moving forward from the Cutting Edge Timothy M. Horn 
29593 "Empathy, The Magic of the Mind!"    Larry Garrett 


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