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 2017 Mid-America Hypnosis Conference - All WORKSHOPS MP3 Audio Package $119.00   

Available on CD-ROM or USB Flash Drive

Special Pricing for a limited time only $119 - post conference pricing will be $170

MP3 audio files of every session listed below. Captured LIVE during the conference.

This interactive multimedia CD-ROM or USB Flash Drive features All Workshops sessions live audio in MP3 format recorded at 2017 Mid-America Hypnosis Conference, October 20-22, 2017 in Northbrook, IL!

Listen on your computer or fill your iPod or favorite MP3 player with all the live audio from every session.

(seminars not included)


29539 Take The Pain Out of Presentations PANEL  Shawn Carson, Jason Linett, Dawn Ferguson, Karen Hand 
29540 The Magic of Erickson    Jess Marion 
29541 Life Patterns and Soul Lessons!    Donald Hood 
29542 Think and Grow Rich Applied    Jane Govoni 
29543 Laughnosis: Using Laughter for Changework    James Hazlerig 
29544 Using "Golden Words" To Create Your Heart’s Desire   Sally Stone
29545 Chronic Fatigue Is It Real?    Melissa Roth 
29567 Regression Demystified------More Use--Less Fear Karen Hand 
29568 The Art of the Intake    Shelly Stockwell-Nicholas 
29569 Advanced Hypnosis Interventions    Scott McFall 
29570 Understanding Addiction    Scott Sandland 
29571 Spirituality and Hypnosis: Utilizing Spiritual Beliefs of Clients  William Mitchell 
29572 Past Life Regression! Experience a Journey Back in Time!  Sophia Kramer, Paul Aurand 
29573 Wealth from Within for Your Business Success  Dawn and Drew Ferguson 
29574 HypnoGames For HypnoJunkies  Sarah & Shawn Carson and Jess Marion 
29575 Self-Hypnosis Summary Workshop  Nancy Creely & Linda Williamson 
29576 The $500k Phone Process    Jason Linet 
29577 Fast Phobia Model For Presentations    Joanna Cameron 
29578 The Importance of Your Pre- Talk Workshop    Brian Gilbert 
29594 Smoking PANEL Larry Garrett    Jess Marion, Melissa Roth 
29595 The Biology of Belief    Hena Husain 
29596 Transform Inner Saboteurs    Darcy Mason 
29597 Improve Your Hypnosis Sessions, and Help Yourself. Miracle combination of Hypnosis & “EFT With A Guarantee”, 2 CE’s Massage Therapists, NCBTMB    Tom Masbaum 
29598 Channeling the Ascended Masters    Toni Winninger 
29599 Generative Trance and Personal Evolution    Michael Watson 
29600 Soul Entrainment®    Karen Paolino Correia 
29601 Quantum Healing Hypnosis - Past & Future Life Regression   Christine Sonnen
29602 Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia    Randi Light 
29603 Akashic Records Workshop    Sharon Hintz 
29604 Ideo-Motor Response     Marx Howell, Mark Theodore


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