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 16442 - Age Regression - Treating the Cause and Extinguishing the Symptoms! $48.00   
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Age Regression - Treating the Cause and Extinguishing the Symptoms
Maureen Finnerty Turner, LCMHC, RN-BC, LCSW

Full Day Advanced Workshop

Audio Sample:

This workshop will provide a brief overview of the past – history, theory and techniques of Age Regression in Clinical Hypnosis, then Ms. Turner will present techniques that she has made her own – "The Elman-Turner Depth Anchoring Technique" (Script available), the Turner "Somatic-Affect Bridge" to induce Age Regression, and the Turner "Rescue Mission" techniques for reduction and extinguishing symptoms of diagnoses such as: Anxiety, PTSD, OCD and SAD. The presentation will include a Demonstration of the Elman-Turner Group Induction (Registrants will have a choice of participation or observation). A demonstration of the Age Regression Techniques will follow. The demonstration will first illustrate: (1) the efficacy of "pulling the Depth Anchors" that were "set" in the prior Group Demonstration to now have a Rapid Induction Technique; (2) the utilility of the Somatic-Affect Bridge as an Age Regression Technique; and (3) the benefits of the Rescue Mission Technique to effect change in a behavior or feeling state of the volunteer clinician. The final 2 hours will be spent in practice followed by a wrap-up Session. The practice will be in dyads or dyads plus observer (for those wishing not to participate in the practice). The wrap-up will include discussion, feedback and questions and answers as time permits. All registrants will observe Confidentiality Rules of Practice.

The attendees will have 4 new skills sets:
1. Elman-Turner Induction to assess Trance Depth and Self-Hypnosis Anchor Technique;
2. Age Regression Techniques - Affect, Somatic-Affect, Calendar, and Library Regression;
3. Belief Imprinting Identification Skills; and
4. Symptom Relief, Reduction, and Extinction Skills using the Turner Rescue Technique.

All of the above will impact the attendee's ability to treat the cause instead of being symptom focused, which will have a major impact on patient care.

At the conclusion of this session, participants should be able to…

Be able to reframe behavioral and psychological symptoms as "purposeful" psycho-somatic indicators of an unconscious belief system that can be treated with Age Regression Techniques in a minimum of 80% (i.e., 8/10) of patient/client appropriate cases, i.e., instead of focusing on
the management of symptoms - use them to lead to the cause of the symptoms;

Be able to conduct effective age regression techniques to identify the causal (imprinting) belief
of the subset of behavioral and psychological symptoms of focus in a minimum of 80% of clinical
hypnosis patients/clients at the first application of Turner's Somatic–Affect Bridge Technique; and

Be able to utilize traditional age regression techniques (Affect-Bridge,Calendar and
Library to identify imprint in 50% of clinical hypnosis appropriate patient/clients.


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