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 16470 - The Use of Medical Hypnosis for Surgery, Perioperative Pain and Sleep Dysfunction $25.00   
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The Use of Medical Hypnosis for Surgery, Perioperative Pain and Sleep Dysfunction
Scott Fried, DO

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Hypnosis is effective in positively influencing the outcome of surgery on both a physical and metaphysical basis. Specifically, Medical Self-Hypnosis is an established treatment modality which is effective in decreasing the need for anesthesia and post procedure pain medication as well as improving recovery time in patients who undergo surgery and radiology procedures. Its effectiveness for the treatment of pre-operative, intra-operative, and post-operative and pain and sleep dysfunction is well established.
This talk addresses its specific effectiveness in helping patients more easily and successfully navigate the surgical arena, allowing a more comfortable experience for patient and surgical staff. The emphasis is how hypnosis can be incorporated easily and effectively with standard medical treatment to aid in decreased need for anesthesia, lessening the need for post operative pain medication and improvement in healing and sleep, post operatively. This session is designed to explain why all patients benefit from the use of hypnosis when facing surgery and as an instructional program, teaching how this can be applied immediately to clinical practice.

Attendees will attain an understanding of how hypnosis works in the surgical arena, from the view of a surgeon, and confirm for themselves that mental attitude and hypnotic belief is an essential aspect of the treatment of surgical pathology. Though we surgeons may mechanically do a surgery correctly, patient attitude, anxiety and ability to simply relax directly influence the outcome of the procedure. Patient participation and empowerment through hypnosis allows actual physiologic changes including lessened sympathetic response to painful stimuli, better muscle relaxation, heightened immune system function and more predictable physiologic response to the given medications and surgery. Attendees will understand what is needed to prepare a patient for surgery, how the hypnotic suggestions can be optimized and essentially leave with a method for preparing their patients for an improved and likely more successful surgical experience. This talk is experiential as well as instructive, with the intention of empowering the therapist to empower their patient, in a situation where previously they thought they were helpless or ineffective to make a difference. This information is directly and immediately applicable to clinical practice.

At the conclusion of this session, participants should be able to…

l Define two innate challenges a patient faces when contemplating surgery and the real as well as imagined dangers associated with surgery;

Define and understand how hypnosis can effect real and purposeful changes in the
physiologic and attitudinal response to surgery; and

Understand three problems that patients and surgeons face in surgery that can
be eliminated by the patient being empowered to control her response to the surgical
situation and the physical changes that occur from the procedure and anesthesia.


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