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 20946 - Hypnotic Interventions To Optimize The Surgical Experience – Partnering Patient, Surgeon And Therapist $12.00   
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Presenter: Scott M. Fried, DO,FAOAO

Hypnosis is effective in positively influencing the outcome and process of surgery (Hammond); affecting the healing and recovery process on both a physical and metaphysical basis. Medical Hypnosis is an established treatment modality which is effective in decreasing the need for anesthesia and medication as well as improving recovery time in patients with orthopedic injury, those with RSD and who undergo surgery and invasive procedures (Lang, Esdaile). Its effectiveness for the treatment of pain as well as post-operative pain and sleep dysfunction is well established.
This talk is intended to prepare the professional with a detailed plan, a step by step program and a set of techniques which will allow the patient to use hypnosis successfully for surgery in either a guided setting or with tools and audio to use throughout the pre-surgical, perioperative and operative process with post op programming for optimal outcomes. The effectiveness of local, general and sedation anesthesia can be extended through suggestion and imagery. Using hypnosis the medications used and the physiologic effects of the surgery are enhanced. Comfort even before the procedure begins can be attained. Greater cost effectiveness using less anesthesia with the same result can be achieved. Postoperative pain can be reduced through changed expectation and imagery. Sleep and more rapid healing and physiologic recovery are enhanced through hypnotic depression of the sympathetic response. The appropriate timing and use of appropriate and tested techniques will be taught in the session.

During and at the conclusion of this session, the attendee will be able to:
-> Define the innate challenges a patient faces when faced with injury, nerve pain, surgery, biopsy procedures and the real as well as imagined dangers associated with surgery;
-> Define and understand how hypnosis can effect real and purposeful changes in the physiologic and attitudinal response to these injuries and their treatment
-> Implement specific relaxation techniques to achieve better pre-operative stability;
-> Teach imagery and hypnotic visualization techniques to prepare for safer, more comfortable and easier surgery;
-> Improve the entire surgical experience for their patients, including pre, post and intraoperative portions through teaching and implementation of active and passive hypnotic techniques;
-> Use pre-surgery date conditioning as well as day of surgery techniques to achieve optimal sedation and relaxation;
-> Understand the actual physiologic response to hypnosis that occurs in the patient and be able to relate this information clearly and concisely creating an extremely effective atmosphere; and
-> Coordinate treatment with appropriate postoperative course and therapists to allow continued emphasis on incorporating hypnosis and imagery techniques in the postoperative protocol.


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