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Hypnosis and Psychosynthesis
Moshe Torem, MD & Phillip Appel, PhD
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Psychosynthesis is the name of an integrative psychotherapy model that was developed by Roberto Assagioli in 1910. Assagioli was an early pioneer of Psychoanalysis in Italy. Being a contemporary of both Freud and Jung he incorporated many of their concepts but like Maslow who was to come many years later, he felt that Psychoanalysis and Jungian Analysis did not specifically address those aspects of human conscious that were different from our simian cousins, who would also, mate, play, aggress, etc. Psychosynthesis is a unique therapeutic model in that is posits the existence of a higher self, separate from the ego and personality that is more akin to the soul as it were. Most of the interventions involve shifting of awareness which makes it a perfect model for clinicians who engage in hypnotically mediated psychothereapy. In this workshop we will explore Assagioli's, basic model of the mind, the importance of the Neo- Jungian functions, and experience therapeutic techniques directed at the intrapersonal, interpersonal and transpersonal dimensions. This workshop will be experiential as well as didactic and participants will be led through exercises and then discuss experiences in small groups.

During and at the conclusion of this session, the attendee will be able to:

  • Describe the Psychosynthesis model of Consciousness;
  • Describe and implement the concept of Disidentification in their clinical practice with patients.; and
  • Use an additional modality of intervention by helping patients to Disidentify from unwanted and dysfunctional thoughts, feelings, and impulses.


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