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 23038 - Tobacco Addiction Treatment Approaches for Individuals and all Communities $25.00   
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Tobacco Addiction Treatment Approaches for Individuals and all Communities
Sheldon Cohen, MD
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Tobacco addiction (TA) is seen by every practitioner in his/her office. At times, patients contact us for help, although most frequently the nature and extent of the ramifications of TA are not noted until a history is taken. TA produces more illness and premature deaths than all other preventable conditions. It is seen in every community, state, and country in the world. What can the individual practitioner do?
1. Become as knowledgeable as possible about the extent of the problem.
2. Learn the tools available to combat the problem.
3. Learn simple techniques that can be used in your office to treat patients who are willing and desirous of cessation.

The session will include a demonstration of the presenter's techniques. Attendees will have an opportunity to experience what it is like for someone who is being treated for tobacco addiction. It is important to have a nonjudgmental but upbeat approach. Often tobacco addicts are stigmatized and blamed for their illness. The presentation will include a video of patients from the presenter's practice demonstrating the relationship of emotional factors to the development and the treatment of TA. An extensive bibliography will be available for downloading by attendees. Attendees will learn about the powerful addictive properties of tobacco. Attendees will learn how to reinforce the changes. Tobacco addiction is a stubborn phenomenon and frequently does not respond to initial attempts (most quitters take an average of 7 attempts before they eschew the practice).

During and at the conclusion of this session, the attendee will be able to: Describe treatment plans for individuals and groups of patients in at least 3 environments.


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