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 23037 - Reconditioning the Fear Response to Boost Resilience and Performance $16.00   
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Reconditioning the Fear Response to Boost Resilience and Performance
Marc Schoen, PhD
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In earlier times our fear response had survival value. But in our present world, our fear response is overly sensitive, and rather than having protective value, it is more often placing us in harm's way. Events that are hardly life threatening are igniting this fear response – with grave health and emotional consequences. In this course, the neurobiology of fear will be examined as well as, fear's specific impact on decision making, performance, and health – including the inflammatory response. A discussion of hypnotic strategies for reconditioning a hair trigger fear response will also be an important focus of this course.

During and at the conclusion of this session, the attendee will be able to:

  • Discuss the neurobiology of fear, and fear's impact on health;
  • Explain three hypnotic strategies for reconditioning the fear response; and
  • Describe how to recondition the fear response has significant utility to clinical practice since fear is such a contributing factor to both psychological and physical ill health.


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