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 23048 - Advances in Dental Hypnosis for Dentists and Psychology Professionals $25.00   
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Advances in Dental Hypnosis for Dentists and Psychology Professionals
Ashley Goodman, DDS ABHD; Gabor Filo, DDS, ABHD; Edward Mackey PhD, MSN, MS, CRN; Judith Thomas, DDS
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This workshop will review basic, intermediate, and more advanced hypnotic skills including rapid, timesaving techniques as they apply to the providing of effective and comfortable dental care for both the providers (hygienists and RDAs) and patients. The uses of creative visualization, densensitization, restorative applicance acceptance, control of saliva and blood flow, more rapid healing, pain control, etc., will be demonstrated. Specific applications of clinical dental uses for behavior modifications, relaxation, pediatric situations, anxiety and oral habit control, minimizing gagging, enhancing personal communications, and self-hypnosis/stress reduction methods for the dental patient, the dental care provider, and psychologists working with the dental team will be examined.

During and at the conclusion of this session, the attendee will be able to:

  • Discuss applications of hypnosis in the treatment of dental problems; provide training for psychologist who wish to expand their knowledge and practice with dental health providers (referral); •
  • Identify the uses of hypnotherapy for behavior modification, relaxation, anxiety control, fear elimination, quelling undesirable habits (tongue thrust, reverse swallowing, TMJ dysfunction, bruxism, clenching), amnesia, analgesia, anesthesia, pain control,; Dentists can utilize the above listed skills and outcomes to improve current patient care and expand patient care (e.g. using hypnotic techniques to treat phobic patients who would otherwise require medical sedation dentistry or other of the above listed.


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