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 25170 - Another Way of Looking at Chronic Unexplained Illness to Enhance Treatment Utilizing Clinical Hypnosis $16.00   
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Presenter: Harvey Zarren, MD

HeaIthcare practitioners are confronted by many conditions for which there are no positive tests and no clear treatments (No test and no pill"). Fibromyalgia, chronic pain of many sorts and pseudo-seizures are examples of such conditions. Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social aspects of wellness are distinctions that were created for the purposes of discussion and exploration. Our current medical system functions as if the distinctions are real, inside the human body there are no such distinctions. Anything affecting one aspect affects all, aspects biologically at some level. Utilizing this reality and the acquisition of extensive history can enable healthcare practitioners to understand disorders that create suffering with physical manifestations, in spite of the absence of any positive specific test. With that understanding, practitioners can then help patients/clients to understand the origins of their suffering. The presentation will include genomics, brain Plasticity and the concept of Inner Safety as well as a discussion of Healing Relationship.

Clinical hypnosis inregated with compassionate Healing Relationship offers a valuable approach to treating such unexplained disorders even when there is no positive test and no specific pharmaceutical or other specific effective treatment available. Clinical hypnosis and Healing Relationship can be expected to impact biology in positive ways altering gene expression, brain circuitry and function and making lasting changes, effective in decreasing suffering and enhancing people's lives. Successful treatment of these patients can be a significant part of the joy of practicing clinical hypnosis.


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