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 26827 - Hypnotic Approaches for Working with Dreams $16.00   
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Presenter: Susan Dowell, LCSW

Dreams have long been fertile soil for exploration in psychodynamic therapies. Hypnosis provides us with specialized clinical tools that allow us to peer more deeply into the metaphorical dream world that the unconscious mind has laid before us. And it provides us with potent strategies for focusing, identifying, uncovering, clarifying, expanding, and deepening the scope of our clinical explorations and problem resolutions.

In this workshop, students will learn hypnotic exploratory techniques particularly designed to work with dreams and we will look at how these techniques can be utilized both to help patient?s access clinical information that has been out of conscious awareness and to identify and develop underutilized resource states. These techniques include Dream Narration, Subtitling, Dream Borrowing, Reversing Roles with Dream Characters, Re-dreaming and Suggested Dreams. These hypnotic tools can allow us to: uncover core conflicts, identify and work with split off Self- States, access untapped resources and problem solving abilities, facilitate self-empowerment, interrupt patterned responses, retrieve connections to earlier memories, enhance problem solving skills, clarify perspective, operationalize change


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