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 17090 - Complete Conference FGS 2011 MP3 CD-ROM

Take the conference home with the
Complete FGS 2011 MP3 Audio Recordings on CD-ROM !

This interactive multimedia CD-ROM features audio of all sessions recorded live during the conference. Plays on any computer. MP3 audio files of each session to listen to on your MP3 player.


Item Session Wednesday, September 7, 2011 Speaker
17091 W-104 But It's My Family: Copyright Issues for Genealogists Cath Madden Trindle
17092 W-105 Tour Guide and Travel Agent: Planning Your Society's Next Research Trip D. Joshua Taylor
17093 W-103 The Dollars and Cents of Fundraising Curt B. Witcher
17094 W-106 Bylaws and Standing Rules: A New Direction for AAGS Deborah Abbott
17096 W-112 Reaping the Rewards of Your Annual Seminar Donna M. Moughty
17097 W-114 Reports and Charts for your Society's Board and Membership Jake Gehring
17098 W-110 21st Century Marketing Techniques for Genealogists/Genealogical Societies Thomas MacEntee
17099 W-109 Organizing and Carrying Out a Society Project C. Ann Staley
17100 W-113 Internet Collaborative Tools for Genealogical Societies Jane G. Haldeman
17101 W-116 Fiscal Considerations for Your Non-Profit Society Board Cath Madden Trindle
17102 W-119 Effective Editing and Writing Pamela Boyer Sayre
17103 W-120 Publicity for Society Events: Simply Supercharged Paula Stuart-Warren
17104 W-118 Engaging a New Generation of Genealogists D. Joshua Taylor
17105 W-121 Becoming the Outstanding Leader Your Society Needs Curt B. Witcher
17106 W-126 Printed vs. Online Publishing for Societies Donna M. Moughty
17107 W-129 Energize Your Society with an Indexing Project Jake Gehring
17108 W-124 Starting and Maintaining a Pioneer Descendants Program C. Ann Staley
17109 W-130 Operational Manual or Handbook: Guidelines at Your Volunteers' Fingertips Paula Stuart-Warren
17110 W-133 Designing a Publication Pamela Boyer Sayre
17111 W-134 Building a Society Education Program for Genealogists and Family Historians J. H. Fonkert
17112 W-136 Somebody Is Taking Care of Our Societies' Documents... Right? Scott Simkins
Item Session Thursday, September 08, 2011 Speaker
17113 T-201 Illinois Migration & Settlement Patterns Rev. Dr. David McDonald
17114 T-206 The Jones Jinx: Tracing Common Surnames Thomas Jones
17115 T-209 Social History and Genealogy: Writing a Family Narrative Part 1 Diane VanSkiver Gagel
17116 T-204 Restoring Documents With Your Computer Eric Curtis Basir
17117 T-205 Overlooked War of 1812 Records in the National Archives Marie Varrelman Melchiori
17118 T-219 Immigrant Cluster Communities: Past, Present, and Future Lisa A. Alzo
17119 T-209 Social History and Genealogy: Writing a Family Narrative Part 2 Diane VanSkiver Gagel
17120 T-216 Building a House History Cath Madden Trindle
17121 T-222 Iowa History and Resources Rev. Dr. David McDonald
17122 T-227 The Curious Case of the Disappearing Dude Debra S. Mieszala
17123 T-223 Genealogical Resources at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Dennis Suttles
17124 T-224 Where Did They Go? - Americans in Britain Audrey Collins
17125 T-226 Working the National Archives Pension Indexes Marie Varrelman Melchiori
17126 T-228 Discovering Old World Origins with US Records David Ouimette
17127 T-234 Family Tree Maker for the Intermediate and Advanced User Michele Pfister
17128 T-237 Migration Through Canals and Waterways Carol Smith
17129 T-236 Going Beyond the Bare Bones: Reconstructing Your Ancestors' Lives Thomas Jones
17130 T-232 The Primitive Baptist Library: Preserving Our Pioneer Heritage Elder Robert Webb
17131 T-233 Locating and Using Oral History Collections Timothy Pinnick
Item Session Friday, September 9, 2011 Speaker
17132 F-300 Records and Repositories at the Crossroads of America - Indiana Research Curt B. Witcher
17133 F-301 Irish Emigration to North America: Before, during and after the Famine Paul Milner
17195 F-305 BCG Certification Two Hour Seminar Thomas W. Jones, ph.d., cg, cgl, fasg, fuga, fngs, Rev. Dr. David McDonald, cg, and Elissa Scalise Powell, cg
17134 F-307 I Tripped on the Way to the Podium Nancy Lee Waters Lauer
17135 F-310 Demystifying Eastern European Research Lisa A. Alzo
17136 F-309 Pioneer Genealogy: Tracing your Ancestors on the Midwestern Frontier James L. Hansen
17137 F-315 Making PowerPoint Unique by Not Distracting Carrie Cook
17138 F-312 From Land Records to Google Earth: Mapping your Family's Place Jane G. Haldeman
17139 F-311 Navigating the 1890 Gap: Research with State Census Records Kris W. Rzepczynski
17140 F-316 Wisconsin: History and Resources for Genealogists Rev. Dr. David McDonald
17141 F-318 Using Records in the National Archives: A Researcher's View Marie Varrelman Melchiori
17142 F-321 Maximizing Your Reach: Research in University Libraries Timothy Pinnick
17143 F-323 The Value-Added Professional Fredrea Gregath Cook
17144 F-317 Immigration and Emigration Records on Ancestry.com Juliana Smith
17145 F-319 Finding the World with WorldCat Curt B. Witcher
17146 F-322 Effective Search Techniques and Sound Research Practices on Family Search David Ouimette
17147 F-328 Mid-West Research on Ancestry.com Juliana Smith
17148 F-335 How do you do that? Practical Suggestions for Prospective Genealogical Lecturers Jean Wilcox Hibben
17149 F-333 Using "Correlation" to Reveal Facts that No Record States Thomas Jones
17150 F-330 The "Draper Papers": Research in this (In)famous Manuscript Collection James L. Hansen
17152 F-339 Open Forum with NARA NARA
17153 F-337 Gateway to the West: Researching in Ohio Diane VanSkiver Gagel
17154 F-344 Something For Everyone! Or Not? Establishing the Right Presentation Mix Diana Crisman Smith
17155 F-338 Tracing Scots Irish Ancestors Dean J. Hunter
17156 F-342 Avoiding Pitfalls in New England Research Rhonda R. McClure
17157 F-346 Finding Your Irish Ancestors on Ancestry.com Loretto D. Szucs
17158 F-352 Lecturer, Speaker, Teacher: What's The Difference? Gary M. Smith
17159 F-350 Lessons from a Snoop: Collaterals and Associates Debra S. Mieszala
17160 F-347 Using City Directories: Following a Family's Migration from Ohio to Illinois Deborah Abbott
17161 F-348 Fixing Faded Color Photos with Adobe Photoshop Eric Curtis Basir
Item Session Saturday, September 10, 2011 Speaker
17162 S-400 Photo Restoration from Start to Finish Demonstration Eric Curtis Basir
17163 S-403 U.S. Naturalization Records Carol Smith
17164 S-402 Land, Tax, and Court Records: Used Together Enhance Genealogical Data Cath Madden Trindle
17165 S-404 The Parish Audrey Collins
17166 S-405 Genealogy in Alphabetical Order: Using Indexes Effectively James L. Hansen
17167 S-409 Build A Genealogy Blog Thomas MacEntee
17168 S-416 Write Your Family History Step by Step Lisa A. Alzo
17169 S-415 Researching Midwestern and Plains States American Indians Paula Stuart-Warren
17170 S-410 Porkopolis to Bonanza Farms: Midwest Historical Geography for Genealogists J. H. Fonkert
17171 S-411 Options in Post-Adoption Research Debra S. Mieszala
17172 S-413 Irish Maps and Tools for Finding the Right Place Paul Milner
17173 S-417 Getting the Most of Your Mac for Genealogists Michael J. Leclerc
17174 S-421 Researching Your New York Ancestors through NewYorkAncestors.org Christopher C. Child
17175 S-423 Slave Research: A Closer Look at Freedom Deborah Abbott
17176 S-424 A Dozen Ways to Jumpstart Your Family History Project Loretto D. Szucs
17177 S-418 Michigan Roots: Genealogy Research in the Wolverine State Kris W. Rzepczynski
17178 S-419 Discovering the Goldmine of Knowledge in Court Records Anne Roach
17179 S-420 So You Can't Read a Foreign Language: Deciphering Vital Records - Tips and Techniques C. Ann Staley
17180 S-431 The Lincolns: An Extraordinary Family's Typical Story Rev. Dr. David McDonald
17181 S-436 Indian Princess or Native Heritage? Tradition or Fact? Paula Stuart-Warren
17182 S-437 The Place of Place in Your Family History Narrative: Anchoring Your Family History in Its Setting Dawn Thurston
17183 S-432 Online, On Microfilm, And In Print: Finding Ancestors in Newspapers James L. Hansen
17184 S-434 Locating American Scots-Irish Families in the Records of Ireland and Scotland Dean J. Hunter
17185 S-438 Hidden Delights: The Website of The National Archives (UK) Audrey Collins
17186 S-439 Discovering Midwestern Repositories Loretto D. Szucs
17187 S-443 The Genealogical Proof Standard: What It Is and What It Is Not Thomas Jones
17188 S-445 If it is to be, it's up to me! Take Responsibility to Ensure Your Descendants Have Your Records Scott Simkins
17189 S-440 The Circle of Life: Genealogy Research with Vital Records Kris W. Rzepczynski
17190 S-442 Dutch Treat: Strategies for Finding Ancestors in The Netherlands J. H. Fonkert
17191 S-447 Twitter - It's Not Just "What I Had For Breakfast" Anymore Thomas MacEntee
17192 S-449 Where Do I Go From Here? Pamela Boyer Sayre
17193 S-450 The 1940 Census Constance Potter
17194 S-448 Examining African American Migrations Timothy Pinnick
17195 S-451 Scotland's Old Parish Registers: How to Access, Use, and Interpret Paul Milner


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