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 20194 - Treating Diabetes - Deborah Gordon, M.D. & Nancy Herrick, PA, DH (hon) $15.00   
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Treating Diabetes
Deborah Gordon, M.D. & Nancy Herrick, PA, DH (hon)

Obesity is the biggest health crisis facing our modern population and contributes to raise the risk of every other highly ranked medical problem. We will review the science to this point and reveal the flaws in the current official wisdom and approach to obesity, and offer an effective and science-based alternative which includes many of the healthy foods enjoyed by Weston Price followers. We will also have time to explore some of the questions and controversies in current weight loss conversations including: hormones and their relevance, the role of exercise, the truth about cholesterol and heart disease, non-caloric sweeteners, ketosis vs. ketoacidosis, supplements, and more. Actual meal plans and special needs for people with food allergies or other restrictions will round out the presentation.

Deborah Gordon, MD
I chose a career in medicine because I like working with people and I believe in the body's ability to be healthy. My medical training (University of California at San Francisco School of Medicine and the Family Practice Residency at Santa Rosa) was inspirational for its devotion to the sharing of human experience but disappointing for its miniscule glimpse into the makings of health. After graduation, my studies of nutrition, homeopathy and the existing medical research into lifestyle questions has enabled me to fashion an integrative medical partnership with my patients.

In both office-based and hospital care, from migrant and rural health clinics to emergency departments and private practice, I have integrated conventional medicine, alternative care, classical homeopathy and nutritional and lifestyle education. I like to focus on the partnership forged between the patient and myself. I start with education and agreement on sharing responsibility for health. We agree that a key element to good health is the patient taking charge of his or her own health care. A good health plan always starts with wise and informed food choices incorporating local and sustainably raised foods, prepared with wisdom and enjoyed for flavor and health.

Outside of these grand passions, I help direct the Siskiyou Challenge, an Oregon-based annual sports event that raises money to educate children about life on the farm, raise chickens and ducks in my backyard, and row on a beautiful lake just outside my hometown of Ashland, Oregon.

Nancy Herrick M.A, P.A., DH (hon) is a highly respected senior teacher, author, researcher and clinician in the world of complimentary and alternative medicine (CAM). She was co-founder of Hering Clinic in 1974, the first alternative medical clinic on the west coast.

She began her career as an international lecturer in 1985 and has toured and given seminars in homeopathic and alternative medicine in over twenty countries. Enlisting the aid of her students, she has done extensive research with provings and has created 18 new homeopathic medicines, now in use all over the world.

She co-founded Hahnemann Medical Clinic in 1985 generally recognized as the premier homeopathic clinic in the USA. She also co-founded Hahnemann College of Homeopathy, a four-year training program for licensed medical practitioners which graduated over 200 professionals in its 20 year history.

She pioneered the use of live video cases for training health professionals and has created with her husband Roger Morrison MD, a series of video seminars that enable the student to study the first two years of basic homeopathic training in a home setting as well as a complete video training series on the new and updated miasms.
Nancy has authored two books documenting her research called "Animal Minds, Human Voices" and "Sacred Plants, Human Voices" plus published numerous articles in nearly every major professional homeopathic journal. 

She has thriving practices in SF Bay area and Nevada City, California where she specializes in treating serious, chronic conditions and guiding her patients carefully thru the realms of alternative healing from homeopathy to nutrition as well as lifestyle techniques.

Nancy, received her MA in special education and psychology in 1974 and then licensed as a Physician Assistant in 1980. She was recently awarded the first honorary Doctorate in Homeopathy from the American College of Homeopathic Medicine, the first premier four-year licensed medical school in the USA in 100 years.
Nancy is an accomplished yoga practitioner for 42 years and a Sufi Dervish. She enjoys play, music and dance of all varieties.


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