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 17573 - GMO's and Mammal Health - Howard Vlieger $15.00   
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GMO's and Mammal Health
Howard Vlieger

Howard Vlieger: GMOs and Mammal Health
The only person who should see this presentation is a person who eats food. It will be an educational and memorable experience.

Howard Vlieger is the president and co-founder of Verity Farms. Howard began the journey of a lifetime in 1989. That is when he humbly became a student of the soil and Howard began using alternative farming practices on the family farm near Maurice, Iowa.
It is an amazing opportunity to be a care taker of the soil. The Good Lord made an amazing creation when He created the soil. It is a true joy to continue the never ending learning experience of working with all of the biological and elemental components of the soil to produce clean, high quality, nutritious food for all deserving families to eat. It is an even greater pleasure to work with family farmers to help them gain a better understanding of the soil and to produce premium quality food.
Verity Farms currently has the privilege of working with family farmers in 7 states, family farmers raising crops and livestock. Verity Farms has a successful biological crop production program, working with biological farmers, organic farmers & conventional farmers, who are all looking for answers to problems they are experiencing. Verity also has a grain division to market non-GMO biologically produced grain, a feed division focusing on natural livestock production and a natural meat division marketing premium quality natural meats. The mission of Verity Farms is the reestablishment and prosperity of the “Family Farmer”.  The family farmer is the only one capable of having the intimate relationship with the soil and the animals to raise a quality food product.
Howard began studying GMO crops in 1994 and is fortunate to work with some of the lead scientists in the world on research projects involving GMO crops. The real life experience that he has from being a farmer and working with farmers all across the US gives him a unique perspective on GMOs.  Howard has been giving presentations to educate people about GMOs for more than 6 years in 13 states.
Howard serves on the board of directors for the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance (FARFA) and the Food Freedom Foundation.


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