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Full Conference Audio Recordings plus all available presenter handouts

Available on CD-ROM or USB Flash Drive

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This package features audio recordings of all sessions recorded exactly as is happened at the conference.

Includes MP3 files of every session. Listen on your computer or fill your iPod or favorite MP3 player with all the live audio from every session. This package allows you to review presentations and is a lasting valuable resource. PLUS includes all available handouts!



Code Title Speaker
29181 The Easy Way to Build & Sell Corporate Programs Robert Harrison
29182 Stop Smoking in Just One Visit! Bruce Eimer
29183 The NLP Wholeness Pattern for Conflicting Parts Amer Cox
29185 Healing with Hypnosis Glenford Robinson
29186 A Nuts and Bolts Overview of Sport Hypnosis Sam Sterk
29187 Hypnosis in Hospitals Kate Beaven-Marks
29188 Hypno-Oncology: The Use of Hypnotherapy in Cancer Settings Garry Coles
29189 Nail It Every Time! Your Step-by-step Map to Success Morella Lascurain
29190 Win the Fight - Mindset Training for Martial Arts Joshua Manuel
29191 A Tantric Understanding of the Chakras: Tools for Hypnosis Ken-Adi Ring
29192 Content Creation with the Public Domain and Private Label Rights Jeffrey Richards
29193 Discover Powerful Text Message Marketing (SMS) Richard Barker
29194 The Evolution of the Dave Elman Induction (DEEI) Cheryl Elman
29195 Become a Hypnosis Recording Artist James Dayley
29196 "My Life Is Over!": The Art of Working Through Disabilities Jess Marion
29197 HypnoCoaching for the Special Needs Client Rachel Raucher
29198 PROFILE Your Clients to Empower Change Summers & Einarsen
29199 How to Pair Hypnosis with a Best Selling Book Greg Beckett
29200 Sigils, Signs, and Symbols Nickolas Ely
29201 Programming Your Hyponosis Stage Show to Maximum Success Miichael DeShalit
29202 Suggestions That Stick Mike Mandel
29203 Kind Friendly Hypnosis Kaz Riley
29204 Effective Smoking Cessation Program Fern Tausig
29205 The Structure of Everyday Trances James Tripp
29206 10 Mentalism Secrets That Will Make Your Hyponosis 100% More Successful Adam Nassor
29207 The Five Phases of Regression Therapy and Risk of False Memories Roy Hunter
29209 Ace Smoking Cessation Don Pelles
29210 Hyponosis in Chaos, An Introduction to Verbal Medicine Marc Sacco
29211 Inside Secrets to Sales Force Success John Cerbone
29212 How to Bulletproof Your Inductions Robert Alemayehu
29213 When You Get to the Bridge… Take It Steve Stork
29214 Building Better Boundaries Andrew McDuffee
29215 Working with the Highly Sensitive Client Olena Prokopenko
29216 How Hypnosis Can be Used for Mindfulness Practice Roy Thaller
29217 Got Referrals? Joan Courtney
29218 Ward Healing Technique: A Brief Introduction A.L. Ward
29219 Hyponosis in Phsychoneuro-immunology Manuela Esslinger
29220 Move the Sofa and Stop Fears Fast! Wendy Merron
29221 Mind-fullness Meditation: Embrace Your Still Point Ken-Adi Ring
29222 Wide Awake now! Kimberly St-Laurent
29223 The Fast Phobia Model for Presentations Joanna Cameron
29224 Broken Heart? - Mended Here! Beryl Comar
29225 Change at the Speed of Thought… One Second Techniques Kevin Laye
29226 Podcast Domination: Become THE Expert in Your Niche Jason Linett
29227 The Mind of an Alchemist Mr. P.
29228 HNLP and Hypnosis: World Class Coaching & Therapy Martin Castor Petersen
29229 I Can Put Money in Your Bank Account Every Month Jo-Anne Eadie
29230 Techniques for KILLER Hypnotic Demos S. Michael Andrews
29231 Kick Butt! Rewiring Habituated Patterns Margo Drucker
29232 Power Room for Ages 5-105 Theresa Micheletti
29233 How to Convince a Skeptical Client Padman Pillai
29234 Stockwell's Art of the Intake Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas
29235 Marketing Magic: The Basics of Promoting Your Practice Kathy Gruver
29236 1, 2, 3, Phobia Free - An Introduction to Synergism Mark Babineaux
29237 An Ayruvedic Perspective on Mind/Body Connection Romny French
29238 How Hypnotherapists Can Gain from Street Hypnosis Turan Mirza
29239 The Perfect Pair: Using EFT in Your Hypnosis Practice Ted Robinson
29240 Therapeutic Memory Reconsolidation: The Art of the Re-Write Melissa Tiers
29241 HypnoGames for Hypno-Junkies Sarah Carson, Shawn Carson, Jess Marion
29242 Double the Fun with Dual Inductions Stephanie Conkle, Kaz Riley
29243 Randi Light's Essential 4 Protocol: Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia Randi Light
29244 Speed Attraction 2 David Snyder
29245 Learn How to Meditate Padman Pillai
29246 Go With the Flow: Using Improv to Boost Creativity Phylicia Mason
29247 3 Magic Questions That Can Gain Loads of Sales Clients Maria Bird
29248 Finesse Your First Induction, Today! Keith Barker
29249 Remembering Don Rice: Learn his K.I.S.S. Induction Ted Frieband
29250 Intro to Laughnosis James Hazlerig
29251 Medical Hypnosis Melissa Roth
29252 Insights from Studying the Placebo Effect Umesh Tiwari
29253 Make Money with Weight Loss and Stop Smoking Seminars Diane Edwards
29254 Spiritual Journeys: An Accelerated Methodology Howard Batie
29255 Creating an Emotional Divorce Sherry Gilbert
29256 Sports Hyponosis: The Peak Performance Plan Jo Moon
29257 Hyponosis in Pop Culture Arnye Scharlau
29258 The Eternal Self-Confidence Script Selena Valentine
29259 Empowered Hyponisis Private Sessions - Insider Secrets to Better Sessions John Cerbone
29260 Grief Release Christina gikas
29261 The Archimedes Protocol Blain Pratt
29262 Epigenetics: The Biology of Passing on Emotional Memory Fredric Mau
29263 Hypnotic Pain Control and Medical Hypnotherapy Ziad Sawi, Richard Nongard
29264 How to Leverage the Mind-Body Connection Through Symbolic Transformation! William Wood
29265 The 100% Referral Practice Ken Guzzo
29266 Success with Weight Loss Clients, MinFULL Eating Alan Barsky
29267 PTSD-anon: Recovery from Another's PTSD Joanna Courtney
29268 HypnoSex - Let's Talk About Sex Stin-Niels Musche
29269 Group Hypnosis to Explore Conciousness Elizabeth Rose
29270 Hypnosis, Weight Loss, Food Addiction and the Brain Did Vergados
29271 Getting Doctors Referrals Kathy Lindert
29272 Locus of Control: Influencing Change K. Beaven-Marks
29273 Three Basic Self-Hypnosis Exercises Don Pelles
29274 Learn How to Memorize Any List of Objects Adam Nassor
29275 No D in PTSD Karl Smith
29276 Quick Change Before Trance Teresa Perciful
29277 How to Make and Use Video to Attract Attention Richard Barker
29278 Waking Hypnosis for Children, Adults and Your Practice Larry Elman
29279 Tales from the Tranches: Amazing Cases Faced by HPTI Students Joseph Onesta
29281 Instant Conversational Hypnosis David Snyder
29282 Arm Catalepsy Variations Melissa Tiers
29283 Hypnotic Headlines: Content Marketing for Awesome Income Jason Linett
29284 Buttons of Pain! Buttons of Love! Peter Bedard
29285 Beyond Control Panel - It Takes a Village! Rick Green
29286 Hypnosis for Athletes: Developing Mental Toughness Joni Neidgh
29287 Real Simple Real World Medical Hypnosis Seth-Deborah Roth
29288 The Goulding Sleep Talk Process Nicole Wachernagel
29289 Infusionsoft - The Marketing Secret Weapon Susan Smith
29290 What if it's Just a Story? Linda Bennet
29291 Manifesting Magic Kathy Gruver
29292 Making Killer Products Steve G. Jones
29293 3 Anxiety Hacks for Feeling Calm and Safe Quickly Andrew McDuffee
29294 The Nechamah Method: Body Consciousness Dalia Wallach
29295 Tibetan Singing Bowls and Hypnosis Rachel Raucher
29296 Evidence Based Weight Loss Success Sheila Granger
29297 Giving up the Ghost: Compassionate Spirit Releasement Tess Meissner
29298 Resolving Dyslexia with NLP Kevin Cole
29299 Non-Verbal Suggestions and Full Body Communication James Tripp
29300 Eliminate Subconscious Programming with the Heart Wisdom Process Paul Wong
29301 Convert the Call Andria Michele
29302 Two Person Practice: Hypnosis and Energy Work T & B Bonczyk
29303 Hypnotic Time Travel and The Magic Mind Machine Karen Hand
29304 The Power of Play Jacob Burgess
29305 Road Skills - Basic Survival Skills When Traveling  Alan Sands
29306 Magic Hands Michael Watson
29307 Mastering the Art of Client Attraction Helen Mitas
29308 20 Minutes (or Less!) To Better Cognition Michelle Braun
29309 Improving the Quality of Life for Parkinsons Clients Linda Hay
29311 Mastering Suggestions Doris Santic
29313 Spoon Bending 2.0 James Dayley
29314 How to Talk so Clients Can Heal Kweethai Neil
29315 Deepens That Work Mike Mandel
29316 8 Effective Techniques for PTSD & Trauma Hypnosis Richard Nongard
29317 Hypno-Scan: The Next Step Forward Ted Robinson
29318 The Skinny of Weight Loss from a Hypnotist Who Has Lost More Than 180 Pounds! Scott Schmaren
29319 Building a Client-Centered Corporate Coaching Practice That Lasts Dan Paris
29320 Menopause Relief for Your Female Clients Helen Breward
29321 Coloring Out of the Lines, Finding Your Niche in Hypnosis Mercedes Herman
29324 Stage Safety Susan Rosen
29325 The "Present for Profit" Sales System Susan Smith
29326 Working with a Therapy Dog T & B Bonczyk
29327 Breaking up is Hard to Do - NO LONGER! John Cerbone
29328 Audio / Video Equipment for the Pro Hypnotist Terry O'Brian
29330 Tips, Tools & Techniquies For Outstanding Presentations Patricia Eslava Vessey
29331 Unlock Limiting Perceptions: A Kaleidoscope of Change Karen Hand & Erika Flint
29333 The Ten Stages of the Creating Process and How it will Benefit Your Clients Kelli von Heydekampf
29334 Closing The Sale - Getting Clients to Say "Yes" Every Time Selena D. Valentine
29336 Trauma and Hypnosis Nicole Weber
29338 A Different World - Working with Teen and Adolescents Toni Bryant
29339 Academic Test Anxiety & Other Similar Challenges Larry Elman
29340 24 Hour Trance: Become Hypnotic Richard Nongard
29341 Gratitude Your Way Toward Success Scott Schmaren
29342 Ancient Powerful Hypnosis Techniquies from the Old World Michael Werner
29343 Be the Brand Leader in Your Niche Christina Smith
29344 Astral Travel and Lucid Dreaming Joanna Cameron
29345 Mental Training for Athletes & Performers Randi Light
29346 Electrify Your Practice with "Lightning" Fast Change Sarah Carson
29347 The Art of Listening to Your Clients Ariel Sherker
29350 Do Less Hypnosis: Make the Change During Your Intake Jason Linett & Kevin Cole
29351 How to Get as Many Clients as You Want Without Being 'Salesy' Helen Mitas
29352 Improve Your Presenting Skills, Be An Entertainer Alan Sands
29353 Resilience and Resourcefulness Versus Escaping Into Fantasy James Tripp
29355 Use GroupOn Vouchers to Improve Your Income Nancy Mac
29356 Beyond Hebb's Law: 5 Neuroscience Principles Shawn Carson
29357 Blueprinting for Success Marx Howell
29358 Hypno Tapping Pamela O'Leary
29359 Improving With Improv Ron Soderstrom
29360 Chinese Energetics and Heart Wisdom Process Paul Wong
29363 Hello Subconscious Sondra Lembert
29366 5 Extreme Shortcuts to Creating Lightning-Fast Belief Change William Wood
29367 The Art of Metaphor and Hypnotic Storytelling James Hazlerig
29369 Transformation of Pain with Hypnosis… YOUR New Specialty Seth-Deborah Roth
29370 Living Subconsciously - Hypnosis & Muscle Testing Doris Santic
29371 Stockwell's Quick, Permanent Fixes Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas
29372 Emotional Choice Workshop Michael Watson
29373 How to Run On-Going Hypnosis Groups Shoshanah Thielle
29374 Anatomy of a Hypnosis Research Project Garry Coles
29375 Narrative Alchemy - Transforming Stories that are Lead Into Gold Morella Lascurain
29376 Soul Mediumship - Healing Grief and Connecting Karen Paolino Correia
29378 Morning Hypnosis to Start Your Day Matthew Zinger
29379 Part-Time Practice - Earning Profits with Passion and Purpose Rick Paddock
29380 I'm Ok, You're Ok - Using Transactional Analysis Beryl Comar
29381 Helping Each Other Succeed: The Power of Community Cindy Levy
29382 SoulKey Therapy - The Ultimate Past Life Techniquie Martin Petersen
29385 How to Hypnotize Pinterest Angie J. Hernandez
29386 Near Death & Out of Body Experiences and the Application of Hypnosis Gila Zak
29387 Body Language Secrets: People Reading for Fun & Profit David Snyder
29389 Help Families and Your Business Grow with the Goulding Sleep Talk for Children Cheryl Elman
29390 Weight Loss - One Size Does Not Fit All Fern Tausig
29391 How to Put the Magic Back Into Your Hypnosis Practice Luke Howard
29392 PowerPoint Your Pre-Talk Stephanie Conkle
29393 Mind Wizardry for Children Jane Govoni
29394 Hypnosis as the Most Fun Hobby Ever Robert Riddlemoser
29396 Taking Care of You Steve Roehm


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