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This package features audio recordings of all sessions recorded exactly as is happened at the conference.

Includes MP3 files of every session. Listen on your computer or fill your iPod or favorite MP3 player with all the live audio from every session. This package allows you to review presentations and is a lasting valuable resource. PLUS includes all available handouts!



Title Speaker
Sailing the High Seas Derek Marshall
Pain Management: Know Which Technique to Use Bill Anapoell
Let's Talk About Sex Stin-Niels Musche
Open Sesame with the Goulding Process Cheryl Elman
It’s The Thought That Counts – Why Mind over Matter Really Works Donald Hood
Hypnosis and the Human Brain Dan Goyette
TELSI® Method for Absolute EFT Success Funda Kahn
Heal the Healer - Let Your Pain Potentialize Your Gift to the World Peter Bedard
Hypnotic Solutions for Slot Mania Kelley T Woods
The Quatric Formula for Success Scott Schmeren
Trance Channelling: You Conduit! Shelley Stockwell Nicholas
Here I Come - Helping Women with Sexual Problems Barbara Baumgartner
The Learning Place David Barron
From Fears to Peers! Carmela Tunzi
Habits of Success Zoilita Grant
Leading a 'Conquer Your Cravings' Workshop Brandon Dean
Secret Techniques in Energy Healing, That Makes It Work T & B Bonczyk
Demonstrations of the Subconscious Mind Carm Blacconiere
Hypnotic Horror Stories Dan Candell
Law of Attraction 101 - How to Reset Your Vibes Victoria Gallagher
Make a Bundle Conducting Weight Loss and Stop Smoking Seminars Dianne Edwards
Hypnosis and Meditation - Accessing the Higher Powers Manish Wadhwa
7 Ways to Help Clients Reach Their Goals Richard Nongard
Rapid Change Phenomena Techniques Freddy Jacquin
Induction and Intent Dan Cleary
Working Successfully with Staff (Therapists)  Rob De Groof
Slieght of Mouth Doug O'Brien
End Nail Bitting & Hair Pulling in Clients Alan Barsky
Hypnotherapy within Lucid Dreams Michal Cieślakowski
Hypno Pop: Strange Hypnosis in Pop Culture Doug Meacham
How to Make Money in Hypnosis Steve G Jones
Neuro Biology in NLP & Hypnosis William Horton
Sensitivities, Empaths, and Superconscious  Paul Wong
How to Thrive in a Metropolitan Area Kellie Lupe-Smith
Introduction to the Use of Archetypes Jen Wilding
You Are Not Alone - Increase Your Confidence and Skills Shannon King & Tracy Barrett Adams
HypnoWaving - EMDR for Hypnotists Hansruedi Wipf
Foundations of Conversational Changework Steve Roehm
SPEED HEALING: Secrets of Energy Hypnosis - Instant and Rapid Healing Techniques David Snyder
Conducting Academic Research into Hypnosis Garry Coles
Your Story in the North Node  Gail Webster
The Excellence Algorithm Garaba, De Pessemier
Working with Athletes: Tools for Mental Toughness Joni Neidigh
The Vocal Warm Ups for Hypnotists Duff McDuffee
Pictrance - Pictures as a Focus Point to Trance George Guarino
Connecting to Your Source Updated Angie Hernandez
Stop Sabotage with Weight Loss Holly Stokes
Working Online: Expanding Your Reach Michael Watson
Phenomena for Changework James Hazlerig
Take Your Practice Online! Jim Kellner
Taxes for Hypnotists Steve Snyder
How to Become a Wedding Hypnotist Jason O Callaghan 
The Advantages a Hypnotist Has As a Personal Coach Tom Nicoli
Examining Actual Regressions H Larry Elman
Emotional Awareness Jennifer King
Stop Smoking In 1 Session Fern Tausig
What Has Hypnosis to Do with Quantum Physics  Ina Oostrom
The Power of Personal Narrative! James Tripp
Navigating Stage Hypnosis in the “Me Too” Era James Szeles
Successful Hypnotherapy Sessions by Phone Pamela Winkler
Self-Hypnosis for Hypnotists Lori Hammond
Verbal Medicine™, The Language of Healing Marc Sacco
HYPNO-Mystic Changework Mark Ryan
Crafting Irresistible Suggestions for Any Client Issue Karen Hand
Teaching Groups to Increase Your Profit  Katherine Zimmermen
A LIVE Transformational Experience! Ken Guzzo
Presenting Your Passion  Karl Smith
Play Bigger - Working with Teen Athletes Jo Moon
Path of Consciousness Kathi Kenedi
Make Your Hypnosis Show More Memorable Richard Cole
Locus of Contol: Influencing Change Kate Beavens-Marks
7 Keys to Mental Toughness  Jess Marion
NLP Toolbox for WeightLoss Success Kerrilee Pietroski
How To Make $1000 A Day With A Stage Hypnois Show Devin Knight
Meditation Magic Maria Bird
Get Confident as a Hypnotist! Nicole Wackernagel
Schema Theory & Hypnosis  Joseph Onesta
Effective Use of Video in Your Practice Dan Candell
Improv in Practice--Come and Play with Me Kelli von Heydekampf
Chronic Pain Panel Kelley Woods & Others
Get Paid: 7 Secrets to Booking High-Dollar Services Jason Linett
Fun with Pendulums James Hazlerig
Fight or Flight, or, Peace and Quiet? You Choose Mark Babineaux
Hypnos-Niche - The Power of Niching Caryn Bird
Deep Trance Dive: Neuro Psychedelics Melissa Tiers
Instant Conversational Hypnosis  David Snyder
How to Work with Empaths B & T Bonczyk
The Power of Words to Make Changes in Life Vanessa Mota
The Courage to Change Mercedes Herman
Marketing Mastery Kathy Gruver
C-E-R-I - Next Generation Induction  Martin Castor Peterson
Using the Full Processing Power of the Subconscious Mind Patrick Singleton
FREE Consultation: Fill Your Appointment Book with the Clients Michael DeSchalit
Evolutionary Hypnosis: A New Paradigm for Trancework Michael Watson
Trance-Forming Pain Into Pleasure & Purpose Kevin Cole
Non Verbal Suggestion Mastery! James Tripp
Hypnoaddictionology: The Ultimate Hypnotic and NLP protocol for Addiction Recovery Will Horton
Experiential Hypnosis Kaz Riley & Stephanie Conkle
Metta, the Zero Point Field and Intention Michelle Braun
How to Turn a Vision Board Class in to Profit Michael Almarez
OldPain2Go and Talking Direct to the Unconscious Steven Blake
Powerful Techniques for Personal Change Mike Mandel
How to Use Hypnosis to Change the World Timothy Trujillo
Magic Inductions Misha Tuesday
HypnoKinesthetics - Mind-Body Solutions for Life Patricia Eslava Vessey
Key Take Aways for Hypnosis from Traumatherapy Nicole Weber
Command Attention/Stage Presence Missy Harac
Being 100% Referral!   Ken Guzzo
The Havening Technique Doug O'Brien
NLP Hacks - Be the Smartest Person in the Room Mohammed Shiekh
Developing Your Own Unique Hypnosis Programme Sheila Granger
The Atheist's Guide to Past Life Regression Melissa Tiers
Podcasts & Patreon - A Mind Flipping Journey Rick Paddock
A Look Inside the Violence of a Criminal Mind Marx Howell
ChatBots - an Introduction Richard Barker
Mentalism for Hypnotherapists Rob De Groof
Tune In, Turn On, and Drop In Marian Spurgeon
Getting Published Roy Hunter
Hypnosis and the Psychology of Compliance and Persuasion Scott Duvall
Using Eye Movement Integration To Break States William Wood
10 Unique Lead Magnets You May Never Have Heard of Victoria Gallagher
You Can Become The Weight Loss Expert in Your Area Jo-Anne Eadie
Instant Memory Change - Neuroplasty Made Super Easy Robert Smith
Mentalism for Stage, Demo's and Talks Martin Castor Peterson
The Transforming Therapy of Gil Boyne Timothy Trujillo
Resilience - What's Integration Got to Do with It? Shannon King
The Delicate Nature of Somnambulism Sheryl Hill
Your Six-Figure Hypnosis or Coaching Business Suzie Bowers
Mind/Body Intervention Seth-Deborah Roth
Anchoring 2.0 – Conversational Anchoring  Sarah Carson
From Victim to Creator:Shifting to an Empowerment Frame Tess Meissner
Insomnia and Obstacles to Sleep Tracy Barrett Adams
The New Hypnotherapist’s Survival Guide Ted Frieband
Rapid Inductions Masterclass Rory Z Fulcher
Erickson in a Nutshell Shawn Carson
Group Past Life Regression Made Easy Randi Light
Shamanism - Another Way of Hypnosis? Petra Frese
Deliver Powerful Public Seminars Richard Barker
Face Reading For Fun And Profit - Body Language Secrets - Read People Instantly David Snyder
Freeing the Emotional Hostage Michael Watson
Mining for Agreements Theresa Price
Deconstructing Sexual Dysfunction Melania Modjoros
Audio 101: We Came to Hear Your Words Not Dance TJ Ziebell
Street Hypnosis Can Improve a Practitioner Christophe Pank
You’re a Hypnotist? Can You Show Me Something? Sean Michael Andrews
Fun and Profits as a HypnoCoach Tim McNickle
Hypnosis & LGBTQ+ Community Greg Beckett
Scope of Practice: Hypnosis in Your Office or In Jail Tracy Riley
Hypnotic Balance: Time Management for Growth Jason Linett
NLP Presuppositions Mohammed Shiekh
Creating Skits for Stage Hypnosis Susan Rosen
Hypnotism, Psychedelics & the Future of Healing Don Spenser
The HypnoKids® Method (ISO 9001 Certified Child Hypnosis) Barbara Scholl
Supercharging Your Presentations Ron Soderstrom
UNLOCKING LIBIDO…. Give your Clients Their Mojo Back Kaz Riley
Hypnotic Power Inductions for Any Situation Mike Mandel
Hypnosis for the Trauma of Disease and End-of-Life Roger Moore
Ericksonian Utilization Process Stephanie Conkle
Hypnosis for Brain Surgery Sandra Grace
Five Group Hypnosis Strategies  Wendy Merron
Nervous of a Niche? Let's Play a Game... and Get Clarity William Song
How to Leverage Facebook Live Tom Nicoli
Major Shift in 2 minutes or Less Teresa Perciful
Metaphoric Representational Re-shifting  Rick Green
The Balance Procedure  Charlene Smith
Magic and Hypnosis Mr. P
50 Shades of Grey - BDSM, Hypnosis & Aftercare Traci Kanaan
How to create Authority through Social Media Alberto Dell Isola
How to Communicate With Anyone  Bunny Vreeland
Mastering Hypnotic Inductions for Pain Control Bruce Eimer
Spoon Bending Party James Dayley
Create long-lasting changes, The Arons Scale Therapy Protocol  Adam Nassor
Ascending States Duff McDuffee
Adding Value with Street and Stage Mentalism! Tracy Gray
The Importance of Your First Contact William Bullock
Fear of Flying Richard Nongard
Evidence Based Weight Loss Approaches Sheila Granger


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