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 34506 - STORY TIME? The Neuro-Science of Narrative Magic Myth and Metaphor Reveal $20.00   
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Title: STORY TIME? The Neuro-Science of Narrative Magic Myth and Metaphor Reveal
Presenter: David Snyder

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there was a wizard and this wizard, a kind benevolent and powerful master of the mystic arts was much

loved by the people for his vast ability to simply talk to people, say a few words and instantly the person

hearing these words would magically find themselves being transformed. People all over the land heard

about the wizards marvelous power and many journeyed from far and near, not only to be healed and

helped by the wizard but also because they wanted to learn his magical secrets and use it to be happy

and more empowered in their own lives, To help their families and friends and enjoy all of the good

things that naturally arose from learning the wizards unique and powerful form of magic. And every few

days, as larger and larger groups of eager and willing students would rush to get in line, hungry to spend

a few magic hours with the wizard because so great was the wizard?s power, that in just a few words he

could transfer a portion of his knowledge and power to those willing and eager students. The only

problem was that so many people wanted to spend time with the wizard that it soon became very hard

for any one particular student to get in on a regular basis to be personally taught by him. Soon the really

smart and committed students rapidly figured out that the best way to get to see the wizard and learn

all his secrets was to pay very close attention, and constantly be waiting for the time when the wizard

would send out the sign to get in line for his magical lessons and then without a moment?s hesitation

swoop in and claim a seat before the less motivated people took all the good spots. Now...Many of you

have asked for something really, really cool. When it comes to persuasion and influence few things are

more trance inducing, cross contextual and powerful than the simple act of telling a story. Within the

power of story all things can be communicated, and all things are possible, from the simplest change in

beliefs to the most complicated installation of hypnotic processes Now You Here Will Enjoy the

tremendous opportunity to share in a Truly Magical and Metamorphic Model of Metaphoric Mastery.

You have already begun your very own personal study of the power of metaphor i.e., story telling as part

of your very own personal quest for empowering transformation.


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