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Full Conference Audio Recordings

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This package features audio recordings of all sessions recorded exactly as is happened at the conference.

Includes MP3 files of every session. Listen on your computer or fill your iPod or favorite MP3 player with all the live audio from every session. This package allows you to review presentations and is a lasting valuable resource.


Title Speaker
Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) for beginners DeBora Turpin
Internal Family Systems (IFS) - Yes, It's For Hypnotists Too Jason Tollen
Your High-Ticket ($5k+) Hypnosis Strategy Call Lydia M
Simple Methods to Remove Mental Blocks Nicole Weber
Magic Question Theresa Price
Don't Shoot Yourself in the Foot: End Self Sabotage Now! Albert Bramante
The Perfect Anxiety Relief Pre-Talk Kevin Cole
How to REALLY get Medical Referrals Nathalie Fiset
The Journey is the Destination Kelli von Heydekampf; Gregory Sartin-Beckett
Setting Up Your Clients for Massive Success Michael DeSchalit
NLP Techniques for Manifesting Victoria Gallagher
The Digital Hypnotist Adam Cox
The Dynamic Duo: Sexuality and Handwriting Gila Zak
The Fastest Inductions for Clinic, Stage, and Street Sean Michael Andrews
Game Changer NEW Decoding Process Unlocks Stuck Behaviors, Beliefs and Identities for Rapid and Lasting Transformation Barbara Birsinger
Inside a Human Mind Neelam Ashfaq
Pick My Brain - Ask Anything About Hypnosis and Building a Successful Practice Tom Nicoli
The Magic of NO! Christopher Leier
Therapy for Therapists - Using Active meditation to Heal Yourself in Order to Better Help Your Clients Bernard Dittrich
Hypnotic Cord Cutting Désirée Eckert
Elevate Your Business in 3 Simple Steps with QR Codes: Perfect for Marketing, Presentations, Courses & More! Amanda Dell’Aquila
Using Hypnosis to Support Victims and Survivors of Conversion Therapy Dan Browne
How To Make A Global Impact With Your Hypnotherapy Business Sammy Blindell
LET'S DO IT! Hands-on tools to hypnotize yourself and anyone NOW. Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas
Own The Room - All Eyes On You - Creating unbreakable confidence in public speaking, stage performance and private sessions. Cally Rempis
How to stage a Stage Hypnosis Show Michael Brody
TBA Karl Smith
Hypnotic Skills for Social Media Success Elizabeth Sterling
Revealed:  The Secrets to Hypnotist Self-Care Jassteena Dhawan
The LifeSaver Protocol Rick Green
Chronic Pain Relief for Your Clients Amber Rose Cox
Build Your Business with Social Media Videos Robert Chase
Shifting Limiting Beliefs for High Achievers Paul Wong
Integrating Psychology, Spirituality, and Science! Ken Guzzo
Dreamwork in Trance Jenny Bitner
Sleight of Mouth Doug OBrien
What the science of change offers hypnotists. M. Paula Daoust
Technology for sustainable anchoring Catalin CJ Jifcu
Manage Your Energy, Grow Your Business Sandra Grace
Hypnosis and the Fertility Treatment Journey: Why it is Needed, How it Can Help Heather Haller
Learn How Pairing a Best Selling Book, like The Four Agreements, can Assist in Growing Your Practice in Person or Online. Gregory Sartin-Beckett
Immersive Hypnotic Events: TranceFigure Templates Into Your Own Creative Change Work Lily Masco
How to Sell on TikTok Vinnie Brigance
If you can make it there, you'll make it anywhere Carsten Fenner
Intro to Artificial Intelligence (AI)  James Ledoux
HypnoDough Boosting Client Goal Focus and Self-Care Kate Beaven-Marks
Timeline Reset Susan Marco
From Hypnosis to Holistic Practitioner Daniel Reyes
The Bunny Talk Process Claudia Rickard
Delivering the Mystical Shamanic Journey Experience Carrie Hewerdine
Therapeutic Convincers for Virtual and in-Person Sessions Juan Acosta
Harnessing a Fresh Start: How to Use a New Beginning for Motivation Sandra Bemis
Leadership at Any Level Connie Holmes
Look Like a 7-Figure Brand With Canva Curtis Floth
North Node Hypnosis Protocol Gail Webster
Practice The Fastest Induction for Clinic, Stage, and Street Sean Michael Andrews
Install and Anchor Powerful Resource States Nicholas Spohn
Scripting with Magic Words and Language Patterns Karen Hand
The 7 Figure Hypnotist Protocol Rich Guzzi
Psychoactive Facilitation in the Sacred Medicine Space Carlos Casados; Jess Marion
Energy Hypnosis: Instant and Rapid Healing Techniques  David Snyder
Hearing the Vision: Mental Imagery in Hypnotherapy and Religious Experience William Thomas Mitchell
Enhance Your Trance: Leveraging Technology to Create and Anchor Fully Immersive Hypnotic Experiences Paul Langfield
Yoga Language and Pranayama (breathwork) Instead of Guided Imagery for Trance. Matt Dickson
The Palace of Mind: a framework for metaphors and start-to-finish hypnotherapy sessions. Dave Morris
Sensual Submodalities Freja Njorden
Ego States: The Missing Ingredient in Therapy Mike Mandel
The Subtleties of Effective Hypnotic Language Tom Nicoli
Using Hypnosis to Inspire Nobel Prize Winning Ideas Frank Prince
Self-Care: Conquer your Stress Kathy Gruver
Powerful Regression to Cause Hypnotherapy Hans Ruedi Wipf
Healing From Trauma Without Regression Conny Wladkowski
Witness Miracles with Your Clients Using 5 Magic Words Linda Herrick
Overcoming Imposter Syndrome for Hypnotists of Color Gena Golden
Creative Spiritual Connection Farida Gipson Burtt
The Mirroring Hands Experience: A Special Demonstration. Richard Hill
Instead of This, Do The Other Thing! Skit Creation for Not So Creative Stage Hypnotists Richard Cole
Livestreaming for Hypnotherapists Grant Saunders
Grow Your Hypno/Coach Business  Kim Guillroy
Energetic Rejuvenation with Kundalini Yoga Martin Baratz
Bio-Energy Foundations for Hypnotherapists Marina Kostina
The Skinny on Weight Loss Scott Schmaren
Couples Past Life Regression: What Does the Past Have to do with the NOW? Linda Thunberg
Unconscious Bias Matt Morano
I'm a Hypnotherapist! Now what? ReNae Schramm
Rescue anyone from dangerous conspiracy theories with the F.A.M.E addiction model Antonio Perez
Unleash the power of your inner musical genius Olga Zvereva
Producing Your Own Show - From 4 Walling to Free Falling Don Barnhart
Every GREAT Hypnotist Should Have one go to Rapid Induction Terry Blome
The Family Freedom Protocol Emma Romano
Embodied Cognition: Thinking Outside the Brain Melissa Tiers
How to Attract High Paying Clients Sharon Jurd
A Year in Saudi Arabia Steven Rollins
Find a Dynamic Hypnotic Voice Frank Perri
Overcoming Chronic Digestive Issues with Integrated Hypnosis. Daniele Favaro
Secrets of Men: Helping Men find Confidence in Bed Nic Natale
Quantum MindFlow Martin Castor
Navigating the Labyrinth Marian Spurgeon
From Brain to Bank - How to Build and Launch a Profitable Online Course James Ledoux
Imbed A Healthy Lifestyle Now! Michelle Willlard Hoffer
Hypnotic rituals for public speakers Artur Makiela
Hypnosis Without Pants Steve Roehm
Utilizing Dreams in Hypnotherapy Richard Nongard
What’s Sports Got To Do With It? A Paradigm Shift for Working With Athletes Who Happen to Be People. Joni Neidigh
Working Inclusively - Normalizing Alternative Lifestyles in Hypnotherapy Ari Golocovsky; Kaz Riley
Make More Money with Mentalism Tracy Gray
Hypnotically Healing from Bell's Palsy, Synkinesis, and Facial Paralysis Evan Baumgardner
Beginner's Guide to Working with Chronic Illnesses Michael Berkowitz
Take Your Coaching Clients From "Survival Mode" to "Trival Mode" Joe Burns
Hypnosis In Athletic Transformations: Elizabeth Sterling and Nickolas Ely Nicholas Ely; Elizabeth Sterling
Get Off Your A$$ & Get on Stage!  Michael Johns
Stop Fears, Phobias, & Anxiety Attacks -Fascinating & Effective Techniques Randi Light
Using Binaural Beats To Enhance Trance Larry Neidigh
An Introduction to The Havening Techniques Doug OBrien
So You're a Hypnotist... Can You Hypnotize Me??? Michael DeSchalit
NLP Strategy Elicitation Surinder Gill
Picking up the Pieces Cat Darras
Understanding IBS and Growing Your Practice Seth Deborah Roth
An introduction into trauma-informed hypnotherapy Ronia Fraser
Inductions for the Analytical Resister Roy Hunter
Use Testing & Challenges For Deepening Hypnosis Tommy Vee
An Introduction to Family Constellations & Systemic Coaching Carlos Casados
Bridging the Belief Gap with Transformational Storytelling Jeff Richards
Metaphysics of Metaphoric Associative Cards Natalya Chevskaya
Everything You've Ever wanted to Know About  Performing Hypnosis Shows on Cruise Ships Kellie Karl
Rapid Relief From Anxiety Framework Dan Candell
Psycho-Patterns, Qu'est que C'est? Traci Kanaan
Turn Your Voice into Money! Scott King
Analyze This! Jim Kellner
Sound Healing and Hypnosis Griselda Galvez
Therapeutic Memory Reconsolidation in a Nutshell Melissa Tiers
Becoming a hypnotic urinary incontinence influencer Sue Peacock
Who wants to play? Harnessing the Hypnotic Power of Improv Kelli von Heydekampf
Parallel Universes/Hypnosis & Martial Arts Training Brenda Gray
Your Clients Want the MAGIC, The WOW, The Hypnotic Phenomena! William Thomas Mitchell
Stop Listening TO Clients and Start Listening FOR Clients Sandra Grace
Ask Me Anything About Stage Hypnosis Michael C. Anthony
More Books and Authors: What's New in 2023 Jo Moon
Power Language: Words that Change Minds Mike Mandel
How to work deep state in Self Hypnosis Christophe Pank
Refining Your Niche through the Power of your Story Ashley Bradley
How to Nail Any Problem Martin Castor
Hypnosis and Dream Therapy Gila Zak
The Top Reasons Why Every Hypnotist Needs a Coach & Hypnotist Tom Nicoli
The Perfect Hypnosis Demonstartion Anthony Gitch
Empathy Unleashed: Eradicating Unconscious Bias Through Loving Kindness Trance Margo Drucker
Emotional Hygiene Practice for Your Clients Well Being Amber Cox
Hypnosis Inductions are a Myth Karl Smith
How to Program a Stage Hypnosis Show for Massive Success. Michael DeSchalit
Hypnosis works – except when it doesn’t: Why Mirroring Hands is a never-fail experience. Richard Hill
Myth, Archetypes and Dungeons and Dragons. Be Your Own Hypnotic Dungeon Master Kathy Gruver
Helping Women Overcome Sexual Dysfunction Kaz Riley
Healing the Healer: Holistic Self-Care for the Helping Professional Kristy Weeks
Six Easy Steps to Getting More Customers Now Chris Thompson
How to Connect to Spirit Guides & Master Teachers Theresa Micheletti
Healing the World with Kindness and Love Scott Schmaren
NLP Basics:  The Presuppositions Michelle Willlard Hoffer
Rapid Inductions for the 21st century Melissa Tiers
Fascilitating MIndset & Behavioral Change Seth Deborah Roth
5 Simple Steps to Building Your Income Sharon Jurd
Your Highest Consciousness - The Ultimate Resource State State Mark Sewell
Better Questions - Better Results Timothy September
Moving Beyond 1:1 Hypnosis - 11 Keys to Group Inductions Lisa Kunschick
How To Make A Global Impact With Your Hypnotherapy Business Sammy Blindell
"Show Time" A guide for beginners to seasoned professionals   Chuck King
What happens when AI is a better hypnotist than Milton Erickson or Dave Elman? Dan Paris
Chakras 101 Phylicia Mason
Hidden Laws of Attraction: Get Lucky for Life! David Snyder
The Arrow Technique Including TPM (Total Perception Management) for Emotional Control Freddy Jacquin
Hypnosis Business  Blueprint Grant Murrell
Hypnotic Confidence Jolana Andre
The Four Diamonds of Clinical Hypnosis- Bridging Neuroscience and Western Medicine. James M Harrison
2X Your Results with Conversational Hypnosis Jason Linett
Introduction into Narcissistic Abuse  and how to utilise Hypnosis to facilitate recovery Ronia Fraser
Intuitive Activation Hypnosis Randi Light
Your Hypnotic Voice Barry Koen-Butt
Hypnosis 101 Steven Rollins
Secrets to a Kickass Hypnosis Business Caryn Bird
How To Turn On Your Hypno Sales T.A.P. & Create Invincible Impact Sammy Blindell
HypnoYoga and HipnoReiki - the use of hypnosis in spiritual careers Anamaria Buiculescu
The Lost Gen Z Jeff Benink
Shamanic Trance Olga Lavrukhina
Tarot Meditations for Hypnotists Shawn Carson
Hypnotic Inner Coaching: Who's In Your Head? Joni Neidigh
Addiction: The work out of the chair Thomas McGowan
How to Invent Hypnotic Inductions Albert Nerenberg
Corporate Hypnosis Anthony Galie
Foolproof Challenge Phenomena Misha Tuesday
Shortcut to Regression - Start Before Birth Mona Abdulrahim Santl
Introducing Human Givens Therapy Claire de la Varre
Face Reading for Fun and Profit David Snyder
Heal Root Cause Issues with Spiritual Hypnosis Peter McLaughlin
Cultivating Intuitive Guidance Through Hypnosis  Marcela Miceli
Science and Spirituality in Hypnosis Anna Margolina
Dealing with the Difficulties of Sexual Assault Disclosure: Do's and Don'ts Katherine A Hardy
Grow Your Email List Fast & Furious Lydia M
12 Things They Didn't Teach You in Hypnosis Training Sarah Carson
Breaking Bias Margo Drucker
Relax and Absorb William Bullock
How to Make Money Online as a Hypnotherapist Steve G. Jones
The Hypnotic 180. How to Handle Any Situation on the Fly Rich Guzzi
The PLAY Perspective: A Shift in Perception Gila Zak
Chakra Clearing and Balancing Geoff Mires
Creative Awareness Melissa Wild
Own the Room: How to Build Confidence Even When you are new Nathan Gist
5 Psychedelic Lessons for Hypnotherapists Jess Marion
The #1 Must Know Secret For Weight Loss Success Tom Nicoli
Psychoneuroimmunology: Is this going to be the next big thing in Mind/Body Medicine? Garry Coles
"Drawing" Conclusions Amye Scharlau
Hypno Magic is in the BS Karen Hand
My Top 10 Tricks to Help People Quit Smoking For Good! Kathy Lindert
The Alchemist Carl Pruitt
Attract PRE-SOLD Clients Jason Linett
Entity Be Gone! Angie Hernandez
Shamanic Soul Retrieval Gail Webster
ReTrain to Reframe Lisa Sigsworth
Body Games for Hypnotic Change Joel Elfman
How To Use The Hand Clasp Experiment To Get Your Best Volunteers Tommy Vee
Hypnosis & The Metabolic Revolution Joseph Onesta
Hypnotic Excellerated Learning Strategies Matthew McMillan
Integrative Hypno-Coaching Sandra Grace
Be a Presenter Steven Rollins
Ultra-Height & Ultra-Healing- Access Your Supra-Conscious Mind's Wisdom Hans Ruedi Wipf
Enhancing The Hypnotic Experience Nicole Keller
How To Incorporate Sound Healing Into Your Hypnosis Practice Jennifer Escalera
Entering a Trance State through Control of the Etheric Body and Chakra Control. Vardan Kyureghyan
The Organic Client Aquisition Process for Hypnosis Business Owners Maximillian Dabrowski
Yoda-Nosis Traci Kanaan
How to Read Your Client Like a Book Hena Husain
Profitable Mastery of Events & Retreats: Strategies for Outstanding Results and Financial Success Jolana Andre
Self-Care: More than a Buzzword Nora Knople
Hypnosis Without Trance Anthony Gitch
The Power of Mentoring in 2023 Martin Castor; Ken Guzzo
The Magic in The Mind Nicholas Ely
How to Scale Your Hypnotherapy Business by Performing Stage Hypnosis Michael C. Anthony
How to earn $346,337 in 1 year Sharon Jurd
Hypno-EMDR tools & the Rapid Resolution Technique Kate Beaven-Marks
Self Care Room hosted by Integrative LifeWorks Sandra Grace
Reiki Infused Hypnosis for Holistic Healing Art Kuhns
Scriptnosis - Sometimes it is necessary. Tracy Young
HYPNOSIS: The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas
Word Salad Let's Eat  Teresa Perciful
Achieving Excellence as a Performer - for those aspiring to elevate their proficiency as a stage hypnotist Kellie Karl
The Most Important Ericksonian Language Distinction No One Ever Taught You Doug OBrien
Leveraging Your Challenges to Emerge a $150,00+ Champion in Your Business Caryn Bird
Negotiation: Theory and Skills Steven Baum
Hypnotic Sigils - Using Images of Intention Desiree Holmes Scherini
Increase your income and clients with Stage Hypnosis Denis Ridgeway
The Secret Life of Dreams
Meditation Meets Self-Hypnosis With RISE Mary Welp
Escaping the Prison of Perfectionism Arianna Angara
Adding Ericksonian Language to Your Hypnotic Work Chris Thompson
Metaverse Hypnosis Florian Günther
Increasing a Client's Oxytocin Levels - A Potential Solution for Anxiety & Depression Sherry Gilbert
Whatever It Takes - Energy Healing Meets Hypnosis Shelly Wahlstrom
Tap Your Hypnotic Genius: Write Your Own Scripts & Record CDs, Mp3s Holly Stokes
Performance Theme Your Stage Show Ia Kidd
Stage Presence for Non-Actors Joe Kidd
Kick-Start Your Stage Hypnosis Career by Four-Walling Brandon Dean
Calling Home all Parts Chandra Petersen
Mind Bending Language and Quantum Linguistics Made Easy Jack Chang
The Power of Laughter! Gwendelyn Kay Turensky
Evidence-Based Hypnosis David Ruby
Residual income via live streaming on multiple platforms at once Michael Almaraz


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