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 17552 - Industrial Sweeteners Myth - Russ Bianchi, PhD $15.00   
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Industrial Sweeteners Myth
Russ Bianchi, PhD
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Russ Bianchi: High Fructose Corn Syrup-A clear and present danger. The session will be about High Fructose Corn Syrup and its detrimental effect in human metabilization, and why it is not the same as sugar.

Russ Bianchi was born in San Francisco, California and currently resides in Northern California.

As a global food, beverage, cosmetic, confectionery, function and dietary supplement, as well as pharmaceutical and drug developer and formulator, Russ has been the Managing Director & CEO of Adept Solutions, Inc., a global creation, conversion, and stabilization product development laboratory for over two decades, with clients on five continents, and has traveled extensively throughout the world, in his career.

Russ is a major contributor to several ground breaking books and best sellers on the subject of sweeteners, and their metabolic as well as social effects, in the western food and beverage chain.

Asked once by the CEO of a major multinational food conglomerate, in a large supermarket, what brands Russ had developed, or been involved with?  Bianchi blankly responded:"It would be easier and save time to point out the ones I have not done, or been around."

Russ is responsible for a major market shift away from traditional hydrogenated fat laden granola bars and refined sweetener breakfast cereals, as well as confectionery and candy bars, to many successful and functional and energy bar brands.

In 2001, Russ was an Honoree of The R&D Magazine 2001 Top 100 Innovations In America, for work on a unique and all natural humectant product, the first such patentable food ingredient to have received an award in almost a decade, from these prestigious "Oscars Of Innovation".

Russ is a professional member of the Institute Of Food Technologists, the American Association of Candy Technologists, the American Association of Cereal Chemists, the International Society Of Pharmaceutical Engineering and the American Association Of Pharmaceutical Scientists.

Russ has recently completed work as formulator, on an under utilized World Health Organization botanical named moringa oleifera, into a successfully and fully bioavailable oral pharmaceutical grade product that is enzymatically alive and standardized in potency and dosage, under dietary supplement law, in a direct medical referral model, providing significant nutrient delivery, to a stripped and highly processed western food and beverage chain, endorsed by John Hopkins School Of Medicine as well as the National Institutes Of Health & Medicine.



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