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 21823 - Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technology: Engage It, Embrace It, and Profit From It - What Are You Waiting For?
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Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technology: Engage It, Embrace It, and Profit From It - What Are You Waiting For?
Mark Quarto, Automotive Research & Design, LLC

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While thousands of HEVs exit the warranty period each year the Aftermarket has yet to engage it, embrace it and/or make a profit in this new technology area. Most businesses may not even know there are hundreds of HEVs in their zip code – nor are they marketing to this owner group that represent a significant new revenue stream and a method to reinvent their business (profit) model. It doesn’t take years of experience and training to begin generating a profit from the HEV diagnostic, service, and repair market. However, the Aftermarket has not engaged the HEV market because many believe that “only the OEM dealer can repair them” or “we never see them come in the shop so, why bother.” Not only are these comments inaccurate but, permit considerable profit and a new customer base to be untapped. With over 26 years in OEM and Aftermarket HEV and electric vehicle electric propulsion and diagnostic system development, Dr. Quarto will use his vast technical and vehicle project experiences to present participants with new business opportunities by connecting the dots between advanced technology HEV systems and Aftermarket business. By applying some simple concepts coupled with tools and training, you can quickly develop a profit center by using HEV technology as the gateway. Come and learn the dots and how to connect them!

In this session, we'll discuss and disclose how you can make HEVs a new revenue stream for your business, and how you can garner ROI quickly by concentrating on a few key vehicle systems.

  • Who is best positioned to capitalize on the HEV Aftermarket – and the reasons that OEM Dealers don’t/won’t capitalize on it
  • What components comprise a basic HEV High Voltage System
  • When should the Aftermarket engage and embrace HEV technology (Hint: It’s Now!!!)
  • Where you can acquire the training to engage and embrace the profits of the HEV market
  • Why you should begin to capitalize on it now! – and which Systems provide significant ROI opportunities for Aftermarket Repair and Rebuilding venues
  • Proven methods on How HEV High Voltage Sub-Systems can be easily analyzed, diagnosed, repaired or, conditioned
  • Examples of what tools and equipment are necessary to analyze, diagnose, repair or, recondition High Voltage Sub-System components


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