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 25144 - Indigenous Energy Medicine Practices: Heal the Spirit and the Body, Mind and Behaviors Will Follow More Easily $25.00   
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Presenter: Philip Accaria, PhD, FASCH

Indigenous energy medicine paradigms hold that human beings are "Spiritual beings having embodied, human experiences." They are also, a priori, "energy systems." Using these paradigms, along with quantum physics views of "non-local undivided consciousness (Stewart & Slade, 2009) we shall explore concepts of "dis-ease" as sourced in energy systems such as the: Luminous Energy Field, chakras, meridians, and soul.

In this workshop we shall also highlight and practice ways of using intention to effect an energetically enhanced healing environment (Villoldo, 2000). Attention will also be placed on the use of altered states of awareness (i.e., trance states) to intuitively gather clinical data germaine to the patient's healing process (Orloff, 2007; Villoldo, 2000). Indigenous drumming ritual as a method of facilitating naturalistic trance and focus of attention will also be explored and experienced. In addition, participants will learn and practice the use of Muscle testing as an ideomotor signal (Cheek, 1994) for the purpose of indirectly assessing the accuracy of intuitively sourced/obtained clinical data and for the purpose of establishing communication with one's "soul." This workshop will be both didactic and significantly experiential through dyadic and group exercises and numerous demonstrations offered by the presenter. This workshop will focus on adding to and refining hypnotic and intuitive skills using ancient indigenous traditions.


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