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 25166 - 40 Year Review of the Scientific Literature Consistent with the Concept of Reincarnation and the Resulting Clinical Implications $16.00   
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Presenter: Paul Schenk, PsyD

While the concept of reincarnation has appeared in literature since ancient times, the idea of conducting research in this field continues to be scoffed by much of the scientific community here in the United States. However, if humans have souls that are able to reincarnate, our current inability to explain the mechanism does not preclude the possibility of studying the phenomenon.

This workshop utilizes a set of criteria proposed by Robert Almeder, Ph.D. in 1987 which, if fully met, could lead to a conclusion that reincarnation is the simplest explanation of the observed evidence. A 40 year review of the scientific literature will draw on some of the best case studies. These will be critiqued from various alternative hypotheses including genetic memory, clairvoyance, and subconscious impersonation. Additionally, scientific studies and a variety of well-documented clinical vignettes from related fields of study will be presented that illustrate the overlap of similar (unexplained) phenomena such as occurs in remote viewing and shared near-death experiences.

Drawing in part on the presenter's case studies, the workshop will conclude with a discussion of some of the many clinical implications of the concept as suggested by family/systems theory and Braun's 1987 BASK model of memory as applied to trauma treatment.


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