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 30043 - Future Focused Therapeutic Strategies to Empower Resilience $16.00   
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Presenter: Moshe Torem, MD

Future Focused Therapeutic Strategies to Empower Resilience

This workshop will review the various forms of hypnotherapy as related to the issue of time focus and patient's resilience. Many therapies have focused on the present and the past, attention to the future has been rather minimal. However, the use of future focused strategies can be a powerful approach to bring about transformational change in people's behaviors and symptoms in their present life as well as strengthening and eliciting resilience to stress. Hypnosis allows the patient to experience a desirable therapeutic outcome in the future, which is internalized on both a conscious and sub?conscious level. This experience also improves patient's confidence in themselves and their resilience in day to day living. Participants in this workshop will learn the use of future focused communication, suggestions, imagery, and a variety of age progression techniques with and without formal hypnosis. Moreover a discussion with Q. & A. will provide an opportunity for clarification of implementation issues in practice.


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