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 30042 - Plenary #1: Where?s the Strength in Ego-Strengthening? $12.00   
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Presenter: Michael Yapko, PhD

Plenary #1: Where?s the Strength in Ego-Strengthening?

Dr. Yapko is the author of 15 books (including Trancework (5th edition), Taking Hypnosis to the Next Level, Mindfulness and Hypnosis, and The Discriminating Therapist), and editor of three others. These products will not be promoted or sold during this program.

The term ?ego?strengthening,? although nearly a half?century old, has been widely adopted by practitioners of clinical hypnosis who still use it to describe the goals of increasing patient self?confidence and self?esteem. Virtually every therapy strives to empower patients, generally by suggesting shifts in their perceptions about themselves and also about what is and isn?t controllable, especially as they relate to troublesome symptoms and issues. Perceptions of powerlessness can influence the onset and course of anxiety, depression, and other emotional disorders, as well as treatment compliance and quality of response to medical interventions. Thus, we as practitioners need to better understand where the strength is in ego?strengthening suggestions given during hypnosis. The strength isn?t in the suggestions themselves? so where, then, is it? This plenary address will provide a consideration of the process of empowering patients through hypnosis.


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