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 30046 - Plenary #2: Hypnotic Ego Strengthening: Where We?ve Been and the Road Ahead $12.00   
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Presenter: Shirley McNeal, PhD, ABPP

Plenary #2: Hypnotic Ego Strengthening: Where We?ve Been and the Road Ahead

Dr. McNeal is co-author of the book Inner Strengths: Contemporary Psychotherapy and Hypnosis for Ego Strengthening (1999) Frederick, & McNeal, S., and has created self-hypnosis recordings available on CD or download: Core Inner Strengths; Overcoming Performance Anxiety; Test?taking Mastery; Overcoming Fear of Flying (download only); Preparing for a Satisfying Love Relationship (download only); Finding a Satisfying Love Relationship (download only); Maintaining a Satisfying Love Relationship (download only). These products will not be promoted or sold during this program.

The use of hypnotic ego strengthening techniques in psychological and medical treatment has been widespread in the fields of psychotherapy, nursing, dentistry, medicine, and related fields of medical and psychological treatment. The term ?ego strengthening? became part of the clinical hypnosis field in the early 1960's, with the publication of John Hartland's ego strengthening script. Since then numerous clinicians have utilized Hartland's script, and developed other scripts as well. The central theme has been that of accessing, developing, and strengthening internal resources to enhance feelings of self?efficacy, self?esteem, and self?confidence, with the belief that change doesn't occur until the individual feels strong enough. Ego strengthening suggestions can build self?reliance, reinforce progress, and help develop a sense of empowerment and ability to handle the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Early research with ego strengthening scripts and suggestions occurred in the 1970's showing that ego strengthening enhanced treatment effects and increased feelings of mastery. Ego strengthening techniques were further influenced by Ericksonian hypnotic approaches and developments in the field of guided imagery. In the 1990's specific evocative ego strengthening scripts were developed using both direct and indirect suggestions and imagery with the purpose of accessing unconscious internal resources from the past, present, and future. Currently, in most clinical hypnosis case studies and research articles, some form of ego strengthening is an important aspect of the treatment plan.

Ego strengthening scripts and suggestions have been incorporated into other contemporary methods of treatment. The field of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing has incorporated ego strengthen suggestions into the resource development phase of treatment. There are numerous related concepts as well. The development of resilience in children and adults definitely involves some form of ego strengthening. The concepts involved in positive psychology, selfcompassion, mindfulness meditation, acceptance and commitment therapy, and the resource development model all include interventions that overlap with the concepts of hypnotic ego strengthening.


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