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 25169 - Precision Cognitive Therapy: An Integrative, Deep Structure, Hypnotic Approach Helping People Modify Beliefs, Behaviors, Emotions and Existential Meaning in Life $16.00   
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Presenter: James Straub, EdD

Precision Cognitive Therapy (PCT) incorporates current research in the neurological underpinnings of psychotherapy, memory and change. This intensive didactic/experiential workshop will offer both a therapeutic framework and a variety of methods for intervention and facilitation of growth. PCT uses a teleological parts model framing parts as Thought - Emotion - Sensation - Action Neuro-networks that were consciously and unconsciously created by the person for a purpose. From this perspective memories are here and now creations reflecting aspects of our past. As such memories are a constructs, not the past. Memories often serve as templates for perceiving and giving meaning to self and world as well as how to act and react. Methods for working with clients to identify, access and modify deep structure patterns and to facilitate changes in their limiting patterns will be presented. Also ways to help clients enhance selfacceptance and self-efficacy be introduced.

This workshop will involve lecture, discussion, examples and experiential opportunities as a group to understand the underlying premises and specific applications. PCT draws on a variety of therapeutic approaches and tools with specific methods of applications within the framework. While an integrative framework or model of person is offered, many aspects of PCT have been integrated by previous participants into approaches such as Ego State Therapy, Object Relations, traditional CBT and Psychosynthesis. PCT has been utilized in inpatient and outpatient settings and with individuals, couple and groups for more than 25 years in the United States, Canada and Mexico.


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