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 20928 - Integrating and Applying Current Research in Neurobiology and Genetic Development to Psychotherapy and Hypnosis $12.00   
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Presenter: James Straub, EdD

This is an integrative single session approach that facilitates resolution and restructuring without requiring the client to re-experience the trauma. By utilizing time and place grounding, imagery, parts work and submodality checking, the client restructures the focus, beliefs and understandings about self and integrates cognitive and affective levels, NLP, Redecision and imagery techniques for reimprinting and memory modification can also be applied to facilitate deeper level restructuring. It utilizes indirect hypnotic techniques and draws upon CBT, Goulding’s Redecision Therapy, Imagery Therapy, and NLP. An overview of the neurological and symbolic storage and representation of memories will be discussed. Techniques for accessing key decision memories will be reviewed

During and at the conclusion of this session, the attendee will be able to:
-> Discuss at least three specific techniques for the resolution of traumatic memories;
-> Apply a deep structure grounding technique;
-> Describe ways of extracting aspects of the client from traumatic memories and initiating restructuring of limiting beliefs related to the experience;
-> Apply the basics of a hypnotic cognitive memory resolution strategy; and
-> Identify hot spots in memories and help patients disidentify from them.


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