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 25155 - The Alchemy of Hypnosis, the Wisdom Traditions, and Epigenetics $25.00   
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Presenter: Catherine Stallworth, MD; Sally Bowden-Schaible, MS, LCPC, Harvey Zarren, MD

Alchemy is a power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way. This experiential session will focus on the alchemy of hypnosis and the wisdom traditions. Wisdom traditions represent a historical source of knowledge about universal principles that govern harmonious, prosperous and sustainable existence. The term is often given to the inner core or mystical aspects of a religion or spiritual tradition, without the trappings and power structures often associated with institutionalized religions. These traditions provide a conceptual framework for the development of the inner self, living a spiritual life and the realization of enlightenment. The contemporary scientific understanding of the neurobiology of hypnosis as it affects consciousness and change will be explored as well.

An evidence based rationale for the health benefits of practices such as restorative yoga, yogic breathing techniques, mindfulness and other meditative techniques will be explored. Medical professionals will be able to incorporate the information they gain from this session into a variety of clinical scenarios. There will be an emphasis on modulation of the autonomic nervous system which can be useful for many different medical conditions including but not limited to pain,fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, IBS, heart disease, and hypertension. Medical professionals will also learn skills to provide compassionate, contemplative care to patients approaching the end of life.

Participants will have the opportunity to explore practices such as yogic breathing, meditation, and mindfulness and integrate a scientific understanding of these practices as they relate to hypnosis and change. The integration of hypnosis with the wisdom traditions to facilitate graceful end-of-life transition will also be explored.

An experiential component will include the use of breath work and meditation to facilitate hypnotic encounters. Participants can expect to practice techniques as a group as well as in dyads. The opportunity to explore very gentle restorative yoga poses will also be offered. Participation in any experential aspects of this workshop will be at the discretion of the participant. Participants who chose to participate in the restorative yoga exercises should consider bringing a yoga mat or towel and 2 - 3 pillows.


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