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 25154 - Being Together is Building Together: Attachment and Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Utilizing Hypnosis and the Therapeutic Relationship to Build Developmental Structure in Psychotherapy $48.00   
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Presenter: Elgan Baker, Jr., PhD, ABPH, FASCH & Eric Spiegel, PhD

In this workshop, we will consider the role that hypnosis can play in a relationally attuned therapeutic relationship in enhancing observation and reflection of self and other mental states in patients with developmental arrests (e.g. affect dysregulation, lack of identity formation, boundary difficulties, etc.). Perspectives in attachment theory and relational psychonanalysis will be presented and compared with this purpose in mind. Through a mixture of didactic and experiential (demonstration, role play and small group training) approaches, participants will develop increased competency in (1) understanding how the therapeutic relationship in general, and clinical hypnosis from a relational frame in particular, can be utilized to re-build developmental structure and re-engage reflective functioning and (2) pairing specific applications of clinical hypnosis towards this aim.


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