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 26788 - Hypnotherapeutic Techniques Refresher: Live Demonstrations $16.00   
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Presenter: Arreed Barabasz, PhD, ABPP; Ciara Christensen, PhD

This workshop is intended for those clinicians who find they are using only a limited range of hypnotic techniques. Based on approaches illustrated in Barabasz and Watkins (2005) text Hypnotherapeutic Techniques, 2E and the Watkins & Barabasz (2008) books, this workshop will include simple and complex induction techniques. Brief lecture and discussion will be interspersed with demonstrations of hypnotic phenomena and induction techniques.

The over arching aim is to teach techniques that can facilitate responses go well beyond those that can be wrought by mere suggestion alone. The following pre-induction procedures will be taught and demonstrated:
1. Chevreul?s pendulum test; 2. arm drop test; 3. postural sway test; 4. hand-clasp test; and 5. arm levitation.

The following induction procedures will (time permitting) be reviewed and/or demonstrated: 1. the Kohnstamn transition; 2.direct stare for time critical situations; 3. opposed?hand/arm levitation for resistant participants; 5.Watkins? non-verbal method; 6. leaving the stones behind (for patients with significant issues but where therapeutic contact time limited to as little as a single session; 7. subject-object-complex indirect technique; 8. Milton Erickson?s induction concepts; 9. Erickson?s covert handshake induction; and 10. Barabasz?s Meditation induction for heath and well being "


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