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 17539 - The Biodynamic Preps - Hugh Lovel $15.00   
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The Biodynamic Preps
Hugh Lovel

Hugh Lovel-Clearly the best nutrition comes from empowering farmers to be well-informed and self-reliant and getting nitrogen from our atmospheric abundance as complex amino acids the way nature designed. Hugh Lovel recommends what is needed for best outcomes and gives detailed explanations using practical examples to develop a better understanding of how to tell nutritionally dense food and how to identify those growers who know how to grow it. Founder of the first CSA farm in Georgia, Lovel encourages a direct connection between farms and consumers, as finding growers who grow nutritionally dense foods is hugely rewarding and the growers themselves, rather than the middle men, should be well rewarded.

To date, Hugh has spent 36 years of his life in agriculture. University trained in maths, physics, soil biology and biochemistry, Hugh is dedicated to producing food of the highest quality while regenerating soil fertility and environmental health. Author of A Biodynamic Farm, he farmed Biodynamically for 30 years in Georgia before migrating to Australia as a farm consultant to transitioning growers of all types from horticulturists to graziers. Along with understanding the functions of sulphur, boron and silicon based on what he calls the Biochemical Sequence and Comprehensive Testing, he has pioneered the application of quantum physics and chaos theory to agriculture with his use of radionics and field broadcasting.

Nowhere has agriculture lost the plot so badly as with the use of nitrogen fertilisers, which consume soil carbon and water down the amino acid chemistry of plants and those who eat them. Since nitrogen is by far the most sensitive element in the periodic table it is the basis of sensation and desire—and thus consciousness and intelligence—in our body chemistry. Agriculture based on crude nitrogen fertilisation has led us to a social consciousness of instant gratification that fails to satisfy and is distinctly lacking in integrity and interconnectedness with our biosphere and the universe around us.


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