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 Wise Fermentation - Wise Traditions Collections $59.00   
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Presentations recorded at Wise Traditions Annual Conferences. Includes audio, slides, and videos on a USB flash drive - play MP4 video files on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Includes the presentations live audio synchronized with PowerPoint slides recorded at Wise Traditions Annual Conferences! Some sessions also include video of the presenter.

Watch and listen to the leading experts in the Weston A. Price philosophy of achieving optimal heal through proper nutrition.


Ferments - The Digestive System is the Foundation of Your Health
Summer Bock
Format: Audio & Slides

The digestive system is the foundation of your health! Current research shows us that the bacteria that live in our gut could be the key to disease-prevention, weight control, diabetes, inflammation, arthritis, allergies, and many other issues. Millions of people take expensive over-the-counter medications on a daily basis to mask the uncomfortable symptoms of nutrient deficiency and the effects of stress, but these problems could be solved simply using the probiotics found in fermented foods. Learn the 3 different kinds of fermented foods that you need to include in your diet for optimum digestive and immune-building effects. Be certain you know the fermented foods you may want to avoid for the potentially damaging effects.

The Dough Also Rises
Kim Schuette, CN
Format: Audio & Slides

True traditional sourdough bread was a dietary mainstay for many cultures, such as the stout Swiss villagers of the Loetschenthal Valley. Kim will discuss signs to indicate your gut is healed and ready for properly prepared bread and then she will take you through the steps to make your own delicious lighter-than-air, 42-hour fermented sourdough artisan bread. This technique was developed by Min Kim, master bread maker. Sally and Kim both agree…it’s the best bread ever!

Continuous Kombucha
John Moody
Format: Audio & Slides

With almost a decade of brewing experience, John will cover the basics of preparing both types of Kombucha, the aceto-dominate kombucha and the variant lacto-dominate Jun variety, both using the continuous, traditional method of preparation.

Culturing a “Real Food” Fermentation Business
Elaina Luther
Format: Audio & Slides

Take a visual journey and imagine seeing yourself at the forefront of an exciting real food movement! In this presentation you will glean some insights as well as practical tools for starting your own business. The presentation will conclude with a question and answer panel of successful real food entrepreneurs offering various business models for you to contemplate. Whether you are just thinking of starting your own business or have already taken the plunge, come get inspired and join the expansion of traditional and fermented foods!

Redeeming Bread: How to Make Einkorn Sourdough
Min Kim
Format: Audio & Slides

Learn how to hand-craft sourdough bread that has been fermented for forty-two hours. This bread is not overly sour and has a light and airy texture. This is a no-knead technique that anyone can do at home to produce beautiful artisan bread.

Continuous Kombucha Updated
John Moody & Hannah Crum
Format: Audio & Slides

With almost a decade of brewing experience, John and Hannah will cover the basics of preparing both types of kombucha, the aceto-dominate kombucha and the variant lacto-dominate Jun variety, both using the continuous, traditional method of preparation.

The Science of Kombucha
Hannah Crum, Alex LaGory
Format: Audio & Slides

Hannah and Alex of Kombucha Kamp offer a journey beyond the myths as they explore and explain the large body of kombucha research generated over the last one hundred fifty years; from the first discovery of the culture and its constituents, to the interplay of the many processes involved in tea and sugar fermentation all the way through modern day in vitro and in vivo studies, including newly published papers. Kombucha’s anecdotal history as wellness tonic will be examined in light of the specific components present after fermentation, from acids to enzymes to polyphenols and more, a preview of their forthcoming book (Storey Publishing 2016). This extensive research is distilled into a lively conversation that also dispels common “myth-understandings” and provides an insider’s look at this flexible, funky ferment that has captured so many imaginations and taste buds the world over!

Fermented Drinks, Nature’s Healthy “Sodas”
Hannah Crum
Format: Audio & Slides

Sodas are a fad and they are fading fast. So what’s a 21st century ‘bacterio sapien’ going to sip on? Why, fermented drinks of course! Milk kefir, water kefir, kombucha, kvass & jun are covered in this demo and conversation about why our bodies thrill to the unique flavors and benefits of these tasty drinks that have been around as long as we have. Hannah Crum, aka the Kombucha Mamma, has been fermenting and educating for over a decade and will share her favorite tips and recipes for making these old fashioned “sodas” at home.

Make Mead Like a Viking
Jereme Zimmerman
Format: Audio & Slides

Learn to make your own mead (honey wine) using techniques that have been utilized by ancient cultures since the first discovery of bubbling honey and its magical effects. Wild-crafting and spontaneous-fermentation techniques will be the focus, but other mead-making practices will also be discussed. Be prepared for an engaging discussion on mead, Vikings, and the simplicity of fermenting your own honey-based alcoholic beverages. Intermediate techniques and suggestions for experimentation will be discussed as well.

Ferments, Ferments, Ferments!
Celeste Longacre
Format: Audio

For tens of thousands of years, our ancestors ate fermented foods every day. This was the only way that their fresh buffet could be preserved for future ingestion. As it turns out, these foods provided incredible benefits for gut health; they are loaded with probiotics and digestive enzymes and they make all the vitamins and minerals present much more bio-available. Condiments were among the foods that were processed this way. Come and join Celeste Longacre, author of Celeste’s Garden Delights and garden blogger for Mother Earth News and The Old Farmer’s Almanac for a demonstration on how to make several different kinds of ferments.Fruit Kvass: This can be put together in under three minutes. It can be made with almost any fruits or vegetables and not only provides probiotics and digestive enzymes, but energizes the water with which it is consumed to be absorbed more easily.Beet Kvass: This Ukranian drink not only accomplishes all of the above, but it is instrumental in detoxifying the body. According to WAPF, drinking beet kvass is the very best way to detoxify.Mayonnaise: Most store-bought mayonnaise is full of bad oils. The cheap vegetable oils used are very difficult, if not impossible, to digest. Learn how to make your own with avocado oil, one of the best oils available to us. It’s easy and fun.Ketchup: Store-bought ketchup can be full of sugars and other unwanted ingredients. Learn how to easily make your own.


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