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 WAPF Cooking Volume 2 - Wise Traditions Collections $59.00   
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Presentations recorded at Wise Traditions Annual Conferences from 2011-2017. Includes audio, slides, and videos on a USB flash drive - play MP4 video files on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Includes the presentations live audio synchronized with PowerPoint slides recorded at Wise Traditions Annual Conferences! Some sessions also include video of the presenter: .

Watch and listen to the leading experts in the Weston A. Price philosophy of achieving optimal heal through proper nutrition.


Gluten-Free Sourdough
Sharon Kane
Format: Audio & Slides
Year: 2011

Art of Gluten-Free Sourdough Baking - Creating a nutrient-dense, properly fermented Gluten-Free sourdough bread made from only pure food ingredients is possible!! Sharon will discuss and demonstrate the differences in technique between her Gluten-Free Sourdough Technique and traditional wheat and rye sourdough techniques. She will demonstrate how to create, maintain and work with gluten-free sourdough starters made with various flours. She will also demonstrate the simple techniques that make successful gluten-free sourdough breads and muffins. We will talk about the properties of gluten-free flours and what each contributes to the finished sourdough product.

Cooking with Monica Corrado

Monica Corrado
Format: Audio
Year: 2011

A Dynamic Duo: Nutrient-Dense Liver and Enzyme-Rich RAW Meat! Traditional food chef and Certified Nutrition Counselor Monica Corrado returns to Wise Traditions for a day of traditional cooking! Known for her lively exchange during classes, she will explore with you the King of nutrient-dense traditional foods: liver! Learn how to make liver pate. Pate is nutrient-dense nirvana: the combination of liver and butter or cream creates a food that you will eat by the spoonful. Rich and creamy…better than ice cream! And think you've got a nutrient-rich diet? Time to experience the gifts of ENZYME-RICH SAUCES.

Liver Pate Saves the Day! So you've been wondering how to include liver in your diet. You KNOW it's a Super Food, but you just haven't gotten around to making it. Pate is a great place to start. You'll eat it like ice cream off a spoon! Honest! You will learn how to create nutrient-dense nirvana in your own kitchen! Liver pate combines the most nutrient-dense traditional food with the most nutrient-dense fat available. When you put pastured liver and grass-fed butter or cream together in a pate, you have achieved nutrient-dense nirvana! Experience it for yourself! We will work with chicken and calves liver. Learn preparation techniques and easy recipes.

Enzyme-Rich Sauces! The Secret Ingredient to Satiety… Kick your nutrient-density up a notch by adding flavor-full, enzyme-rich sauces to your cooking repertoire! Sauces help you get the most from that grass-fed meat and poultry, acting synergistically to make those nutrients bio-available. You will never feel as deeply nourished as you will when you start serving and eating sauces! Deeelish!

Seven Days of Dinner - Parts 1 - 3
Jessica Prentice
Format: Video
Year: 2012

Oh, what to have for dinner?” How many times a week do you ask yourself this question? In this day-long seminar, Bay Area chef, author, and entrepreneur Jessica Prentice will share how she answers this question, and will prepare a week’s worth of different dinners, each of which can be the basis for many variations. If you master a few simple dishes, you can experience a great deal of relief from what can seem like a daily ordeal. The emphasis will be on practicality, nutrition, and ease in order to help you nourish your family on a daily basis with a minimum of fuss and stress. Short-cuts and tips will be shared, along with recipes.

No-Knead Sourdough Bread in Five Minutes a Day
Ann Marie Michaels
Format: Audio & Slides
Year: 2013

Making your own sourdough bread at home is fast and easy the no-knead way. Learn how you can save money on store-bought bread by spending just five minutes a day making nutritious whole-grain sourdough bread for your family. No expensive mixer is required, and we’ll learn how to save even more money by buying grains in bulk. We’ll also cover how to use leftover sourdough starter to make sourdough pancakes, waffles and pizza dough

WAPF Cooking
Heather Tubbs and Lupa Irie
Format: Video
Year: 2013

The focus of this course is the proper sourcing, preparation, culturing, sprouting, fermenting, and cooking of traditional foods with an emphasis on foods that support health and healing. Tubbs and Irie will demonstrate various methods to ensure maximum benefit and enjoyment from traditional foods in a manner that the whole family will enjoy. Some of the dishes to be prepared: fish head soup, liver meatballs, heart mole, Hungarian chicken paprika/coconut bone broth rice, cultured vegetables, sour oat crackers, homemade mayo, kefir cheese ranch dressing, whey cool drinks, kombucha and more.

Fat Rendering
Becca Griffith
Format: Audio & Slides
Year: 2017

Ready to incorporate more nourishing animal fats from pastured animals? Becca has rendered thousands of pounds of fat from animals in a variety of ways. When you find out how easy it is to do and the benefits it offers, you’ll be begging your farmers to save some of the extras for you! You’ll learn the most efficient ways to render the most fat along with the edible and non-edible uses that each kind of fat provides!

The Hows and Whys of Making Bone Broth and Baking Sourdough Breads: It's About Lots More than Great Taste
Sylvia Burgos Toftness
Format: Audio & Slides
Year: 2017

Bread and soup – a combination that’s sustained cultures worldwide. How and why? Sylvia Burgos Toftness will describe how you can make bone broth and bake sourdough in your home kitchen, and do it within your busy schedule. She’ll give strategies and tips for creating great taste and high nutrition without being chained to your stove.

Foraging Cuisine
Becca Griffith
Format: Audio & Slides
Year: 2017

It’s time to vindicate the “weeds!” When you make a culinary connection to all of those familiar-looking growths in your lawn, nearby parks or really anywhere, your world becomes your oyster (or nettle, in this case). After you have the a-ha moment on what you’ve been pulling out of the soil all of these years, you’ll find out numerous ways that you can cook and include them in a delicious meal AND be nourished by them, too!

Top 10 Mistakes People Make When Starting an Ancestral Diet
Jessa Greenfield
Format: Audio & Slides
Year: 2017

Come learn from my mistakes! Jessa Greenfield offers her top ten very real and honest shortcomings in regards to the implementation of an ancestral diet.

Cooking with Spices
Sandeep Agarwal
Format: Audio & Slides
Year: 2017

Ghee has been the fat of choice for everyday cooking in India for thousands of years. India is also home to the world’s largest variety of culinary spices and herbs. When you combine ghee with spices, the magic happens. Indian cooking uses over forty different spices. In this class, you will learn medicinal benefits of ten spices, and the right way to add these spices to your cooking. You will also learn how to make your own spice blends for easy use in various dishes.


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