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 *Complete HypnoThoughts Live 2021 Conference Recordings Package $389.00   
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Full Conference Audio Recordings

Available on USB Flash Drive

This package features audio recordings of all sessions recorded exactly as is happened at the conference.

Includes MP3 files of every session. Listen on your computer or fill your iPod or favorite MP3 player with all the live audio from every session. This package allows you to review presentations and is a lasting valuable resource.



Speaker Title
Lisa Kunschick 5-minute Inductions
Jon Galane 3 Steps to the Top
James Ledoux Instructional Design for Hypnotists
Matthew McMillan Problem Resolution without ... Identification
Sandra  Grace Manage your Energy to Grow Your Business: Top 10 Secrets
Sonya Robertson Healing Ancestral Generational Wounds
Jess Marion Creating Holographic Sessions 
Natalya  Chevskaya Metaphoric Associative Cards for Self-Help
Joseph Onesta Religious Trauma & The Brave Hypnotist
Rich Guzzi Performing Hypnosis
Randi Light Enhanced Hypnosis
David Snyder ATTRACTION MASTERY: How To Get Anything You Want In Life
Michael Watson Getting Over It and Getting On With It 
Greg  Beckett Hypnosis & LGBTQI+ Community
Joni Neidigh The Mindful Mentor: Using Hypnosis to Coach the Coaches 
Scott Christie Unlocking the Key to Booking Clients
Shawn Carson The Talisman Induction
James Szeles Establishing Rapport With the Audience, Command the Stage
James Hazlerig Laughnosis: A Tool for Serious Change
Jack Chang Balancing the 5 Elements of Emotions
Frank Prince Hypnovation - Where the BIG Money Is Made
Steve Rollins People of Color and Hypnosis
Ron Soderstrom Function & Flow
Michelle Hoffer Overcoming Narcissistic Abuse and Their Flying Monkeys
Melissa Tiers What happens in Vagas
Carolyn  Ching Hooponopono a Cultural Perspective
Michael Werner Hypnotic Field Therapy (HFT)
Dan Ross The Three Archetypes Inside Every Hypnotherapist
Marian Spurgeon Tremoring: Somatic Tension Release
Seth Breidbart Hypnosis 301: (Advanced) Topics in Hypnosis
Robert Chase Hypnotic Vacations
Nickolas  Ely Reaching Out to Men in Crisis
Angie Hernandez The Polyvagal Connection: Anxiety, Panic and Freeze Responses
Freddy Jacquin Total Perception Management
Vicki Howie Fire Up Your Chakras to Super-Charge Your Clients
Heather  Rodriguez Intuitively Go Off-Script with Confidence!
William Wood Allergies, Sensitivities, and Hypnosis: Leveraging the Mind, Body Connection
Ken Guzzo The 10 Keys to Facilitating Transformational Sessions
Karen Hand From Problem to Solution in 7 Easy Steps
Karl  Smith  Content Free Hypnosis 
Petra Frese Don't Drown in Your Client's Emotions
John Brown Using Hyper-Rapport for Effective Hypnotherapy
Teresa Perciful Learn Fast Techniques to Unblock your Client
Patricia E Vessey How To Host Virtual Hypnosis Weight Loss Classes
Erick Kand Meditate Like a Monk
Misha Tuesday Covert Energy Work
Stephanie Conkle The Subconscious Has a Mind of Its Own
Steve G Jones How to Make $$$ Online (Branding)
Grant Murrell Communication Success Formula
Michael C. Anthony The Mentalism Blueprint - Real Life Super Powers for Hypnotists
Maria  Bird Vision Boards with a Twist from a Perceptive Business Witch
Gila Zak E & P: What You Don't Know About Sexual Behavior
David Snyder STORY TIME..The Neuro-Science of Narrative Magic
Olga  Tarrant  The Neuroscience of Prayer and Meditation
James McAvinew Rapport and Video: The YouTube Generation
Seth-Deborah Roth Glide Through Surgery with Hypnosis
Sean M Andrews The Perfect Hypnotic Induction for Zoom - Dave Elman
Michael Almaraz Pivoting and Blending for Online Presents
Marc Marshall I Double Dog Dare You: Just Try to NOT Create Rapport!
Theresa Price Weight Release without Dieting
Bill Anapoell The Homunculus Protocol
Freddy Jacquin How to Rock Your Presentations Utilising, Charisma, Fascination/Hypnosis…
Michael DeSchalit How to Put Together a Motivational Presentation
MeLanie Modjoros The Ups and Downs of Sexual Performance Anxiety
Victoria Gallagher How to Write Best Selling Book
Dan Goyette Hypnotherapy and the Human  Brain
Stephanie Conkle From Talk to Trance
John Cerbone John Cerbone's Galaxy of Hypnosis
Chris Thompson Videos That Grab Clients
Sarah Carson Creating your Inner Dream Team
Marina Kostina The Science and Magic of Gypsy Hypnosis 
Caryn Bird Structuring a 4-Session Package for Athletes
Mike Mandel Power Language: Words That Change Minds
Kevin  Cole The Joy of Stimulating Your Vagus Nerve
Ron Soderstrom Breathwork for Trance and Wellness
Thomas Safrin Helping Law Enforcement and First Responders
Jolana Andre How to Grow Your Hypnosis Business Fast 
Melissa Tiers Integrative Hypnosis for Pain Relief
Ari Golocovsky Online Content Creation 101- Video Capture and Using Kajabi
Hansruedi Wipf Ultra-Height and Ultra-Healing
Dan Candell The No Induction Induction Strategy
Traci Kanaan Super Hero Hypnosis!
Juan Acosta Niche Your Work and Work Your Niche
Will Horton NLP & Hypnosis to Increase Psychic Abilities 
Jason Linett Get on 100 Podcasts and Make it Rain
Tracy Gray Got Science?  Learn how to Conduct ... Research
Juan Ugalde The Model Of The Mind
Kathy Gruver Just Be Yourself, but Who the Hell Is That?
Derrick Watkins Learn Hypnotic Public Speaking and Watch Your Business Grow!
Maria Bird Past Life Regression
Michael Watson Generative Trance and Client-Driven Hypnosis
Tom Nicoli How to Create Hypnosis Programs for Client & Business Success
Robert Smith Knock the Blocks out of Personal Performance 
Barbara Scholl Hypnokids Child Hypnotherapy - Get Fit to Welcome Young Kids! 
Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas Spiritual Counseling Made Easy
David Snyder Speed Reading People For Fun and Profit - Body Language, Face Reading And More
Rick Green Find Your Clues
Nora Knople Psychology of Color
Steve G Jones How to Make $$$ Online (Marketing)
Shelly Jo Wahlstrom What You Say To Yourself Matters
Seth-Deborah Roth CHANGING Medical Outcome
Scott Schmaren Three Treasures, the Power of Chi in a Hypnotic State
Roy Hunter The BENEFITS Approach for Habit Control
Albert Bramante Using Jungian Archetypes in Hypnosis
Holly Stokes First Session Evaluations that Create Clarity, Trust & Commitment
Kaz Riley & Stephanie Conkle How to Make an Induction Out of Absolutely Anything!
Fredric Mau Speechless for Six Months: Hypnosis to Change Physical Symptoms 
Gila Zak Magical Metaphors for Millennials and More
Martin Castor Soulkey Therapy - Three Dimensional Past & Between Live
Rich Guzzi Conversational Hypnosis
Michael DeSchalit Why Every Hypnotist Should Take a Stage Hypnosis Class
Kevin Cole Perfect Pain Relief Pretalk
Janet Rapala Hypno Massage
Scott King A Video a Day the Easy Way
Ariel Sherker HypnoParenting
David Membrila Murphy’s Law and Hypnosis
William Nixon Addiction Hacks. Recovery is Zero Desire
Dan  Candell Create Powerful and Profitable Hypnosis Programs
Jolana Andre Let's Create Content to Grow Your Business on Social Media
Kaz Riley Sisters Are Doing It for Themselves - The Big “O”
Zoilita Grant How to Create a Dynamite Facebook Marketing Plan 
Kevin Cole Taking The "D" Out of PTSD
Will Horton Alcohol and Drug Addiction 2021 
David Snyder Hidden Laws of Attraction: Get Lucky for Life
Karen Hand Hypnosis Happens - Ready or Not!
Juan Acosta Virtual Anesthesia: Produce Powerful Phenomena Online
Maria Bird Inside Success
Randi Light The Forgiveness Fire
Caryn Bird The Top 8 Key Ingredients to See Client Success
Theresa Price Energy Elixir
Jeffrey Richards Creating Hypnotic Metaphors with the Corners Method
Joseph Onesta Challenging Clients 
Victoria Gallagher Passion to Profit - 7 Hypnotic Online Marketing Ideas
Mike Mandel Ego States: The Missing Ingredient in Therapy
Traci Kanaan Imagination, Improvisation, and Inductions, OH MY! 
Gary Nelson  The Art of the Hypnotic Conversation 
Michael C.  Anthony How to Scale Your Hypnosis Business
Jim Kellner Launch Your Hypnosis Career Now!
Kerrilee Pietrosk Stop Trading Hours for Dollars
Paul Ramsay Myelination, Deep Practice, and Hypnotism
Ken Guzzo Ask me ANYTHING on Smoking Cessation!
Richard Nongard 3-2-1 Self-Hypnosis and Other Awesome Stuff
Cynthia da Silva Don't Be Afraid to Tackle a Golfer
Theresa Micheletti Reflections, the Mirroring Technique
Matt Morano Unconscious Bias-- What your Clients Tell You Before They Speak
Terry Stokes Terry Talks
Steve G Jones How to Make $$$ Online (Products)
Anthony  Gitch Playing With Archetypes and Ego States
Scott Schmaren The Quatric Formula for Success, Creating and Living the Life of Your Dream
Tom Nicoli Proven D.E.P.T.H. Model for Weight loss as Seen on National TV
Martin Castor Instant Emotional Relief
Chase Hughes Manufacturing Suggestibility
Joni Nedigh Dynamic Sports Team Talks
Michael DeSchalit So You're A Hypnotist, Can You Hypnotize Me???
Valerie  Curry  7 Ways to Think Like a Champion 
Tracy  Gray Be the Life of the Party! Mentalism and Hypnosis Effects
Petra Frese Earth Angels in a Modern Context
Nickolas Ely The Legacy of Hypnosis
Nora Knople Mindful Eating
James Ledoux Brainstorm and Grow Rich
James  Dayley Beyond Spoon Bending
Jason Linett How to Close High-Ticket Sales
William Wood Let Me Hijack Your Trance: A Hypnotist's Guide To Capturing Trances In The Wild
Albert Bramante Exploring and Owning your Shadow
Gila Zac Two Minds Technique
Dan Ross Never Get Lost: The SCORE Model as a Session Roadmap
Michał Cieślakowski Hypnotic System and PRODUCTivity
Patricia E Vessey Transform Your Life: Hypnokinesthetics


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