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 20913 - Hypnosis, Meditation, and Body-Mind-Spirit Balance $16.00   
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Presenter: Darlene A. Osowiec, PhD

In these challenging times of ecological, social, technological, workplace, and global uncertainties, the ability to develop and sustain resilience is the hallmark of “staying afloat” and being Centered. This is especially true for those engaged in the healing arts and the helping professions since we are the beacons and role models in these stormy seas.

The purpose of this workshop is to present practical skills of self-development for the practitioner, the academician, and those in the allied health fields. The application lies in our ability to maintain an on-going inner resilience when working in challenging settings and times. We will examine how hypnosis and meditation as self-regulation practices can be incorporated into our everyday lives as well as in our work with difficult client populations and contexts. Benefits of both approaches will be explained, explored, and practiced. Distinctions and commonalities, historical and theoretical underpinnings, and pertinent findings from the current body of scientific knowledge will be reviewed, thus serving as a basis for practice. There will be a combination and flow of the didactic, experiential, and interactive learning styles with ample time for questions, discussion, assimilation, and application to one’s personal lifestyle and professional work. The outcome will include a more attuned sense of Centeredness and awareness, along with action plans to incorporate into one’s life and work.

During and at the conclusion of this session, the attendee will be able to:
-> Operationally define the terms Resilience, Hypnosis, and Meditation;
-> Highlight the historical contexts and theoretical underpinnings of each concept and approach;
-> Describe, explain, discuss, and articulate the latest scientific findings in the areas of hypnosis and meditation and their interface with psychological health, resilience, and well-being;
-> Experience and discuss each approach by way of structured practice, and thereby recognize how hypnosis/self-hypnosis, meditation, diaphragmatic breathing, etc., can be tools to increase awareness, inner and outer harmony, equanimity, integration, and more optimal functioning in everyday life. By first practicing on oneself, the clinician’s self-transformation will reverberate to the clinical setting;
-> Develop her/his own practice plan, and follow up with a selected partner; and
-> Consider and create protocols and action plans so as to translate these exercises into her/his work with specific clients, patients, students, colleagues, and the larger social circle.


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