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 20898 - The Hypnotic Enhancement of Reflective Functioning in Patients with Affect Dysregulation: Integrating Perspectives in Attachment Theory, Mindfulness, and Relational Psychoanalysis $12.00   
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Presenter: Eric Spiegel, PhD & Elgin Baker, PhD, ABPH

When one considers the classic psychoanalytic definition of hypnosis as a “regression in the service of the ego”, it can seem incompatible with the emphasis on awareness of mental processes emphasized by newer treatments such as Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mentalization Based Therapy (MBT). But is it? In this workshop, we will consider the role that hypnosis can play in a relationally attuned therapeutic relationship in enhancing observation and reflection of self and other mental states in patients with difficulties in affect regulation. Perspectives in attachment theory, mindfulness and object relations will be presented and compared with this purpose in mind.

Through a mixture of didactic and experiential approaches, participants will develop increased competency in (1) identifying the influence of varying developmental arrests on specific types of affect dysregulation and (2) understanding how the therapeutic relationship in general, and clinical hypnosis from a relational frame in particular, can be utilized to re-engage developmental and reflective functioning and (3) pairing specific applications of clinical hypnosis to treat affect dysregulation based on these treatment models.

During and at the conclusion of this session, the attendee will be able to:
-> Utilize attachment and object relations theoretical models to identify examples of affect dysregulation and their developmental antecedents;
-> Formulate and deliver hypnotic interventions with the purpose of internalizing secure attachment and increasing capacity for mental representation in the patient; and
-> Develop 3 hypnotic suggestions for the purpose of improving reflective functioning and mindfulness in patients who are experiencing affect dysregulation.


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