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 15971 The Frozen North - Arctic Cuisine - Anore Jones $15.00   
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Anore Jones: The Frozen North - Arctic Cuisine

Presenting through slides and commentary, the variety of foods occurring locally in NorthWest Alaska which are traditionally gathered, eaten or preserved for later. There is a great wealth and variety of foods available in the arctic. These have provided the Inupiat with a delicious and healthy cuisine notable for its clever food preservation techniques and combinations.

Anore Jones was born July 18th, 1941 in Trang, Siam, grew up in southern California, then at nine years old, moved to Waldron Island, Washington, where she experienced pioneer living, working the land with horses, milking a cow, gardening, hunting, and fishing for daily food. At sixteen, she went to Alaska, studied botany and graduated from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. She traveled to northwest Alaska with her husband, Keith Jones in 1963. They lived in Ambler, an Inupiat village of about 200, during the winter and boated down the Kobuk River to camp in Sisualik with Bob and Carrie Uhl, twelve miles from Kotzebue. Keith and Bob fished commercially for salmon while Carrie and Anore fished for subsistence.

They spent twenty-three years living the lifestyle of modern-day traditional hunter-gatherers, raised two daughters, and ate mostly local foods. Anore focused on learning the Inupiat food lore, questioning elders, practicing the recipes herself, photographing, drawing and taking notes. In 1983 her first book came out, Nauriat Niginaqtuat, Plants That We Eat which detailed the identification, gathering, preserving and eating of local plants. Long out of print, this book will be reprinted by the University of Alaska Press next year

In 1985 they moved to Three Rivers, California to manage a small ranch in the Sierra foothills, raising grass-fed beef, goats and chickens. The U.S, Fish and Wildlife Service contracted her to write her second book and placed it on the web in 2005. Iqaluich Niginaqtuat, Fish That We Eat is available to all.



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