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 20891 - Plenary 1: You Can Win the Race for Patient Satisfaction Scores $12.00   
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Presenter: Elvira Lang, MD

Large-scale randomized trials led by the author, validated how the correct use of comforting language and suggestions actually reduces a patient’s pain, anxiety, and complications. In addition, the cost of doing medical procedures is lowered. Also, patients attended by trained personnel reported significantly greater satisfaction with their pain management. Intensive hands-on experiential training and small group practice are essential in imparting skills in self-hypnotic relaxation. To facilitate the cementing of new learned behavior as well as the adoption of the new methods by supportive healthcare staff, web-based training support systems are a desirable adjunct. Conducting Comfort Talk™ training at several hospital sites demonstrated that the development of an institutional language is important for general adoption and is best integrated in the classroom setting and by using electronic post-training support.

Design surveys from trainees at 3 hospitals and beta testing with 60 trainees at 4 new sites identified the need for in-the-moment, bite-sized examples that trainees can refer to as they practice Comfort Talk™. Examples from a web-based suggestion system illustrate how situation-specific techniques for skill reinforcement can be delivered and customized based on composition of personnel and patient population – engaging trainees in content development. Ease and feasibility of these site-specific offerings, acceptance, and positive effects on behavior were demonstrated clinically by questionnaire and Group Objective Structured Clinical Evaluations. Significant reductions in cancellations in MRI and impressive improvements in patients’ satisfaction scores further validate the approach and support dissemination at times of value-based purchasing considerations of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services as well as insurance carriers.

Supported by NIH/NCCAM R43AT006296-01A1

During and at the conclusion of this session, the attendee will be able to:
-> Describe the importance of patient satisfaction ratings and how rapport and self-hypnotic relaxation methods can improve these;
-> Identify negative suggestive behavior and vocabulary during medical encounters and consider alternatives; and
-> Weigh considerations of the integration of web-based approaches in training and learning hypnotic techniques.


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