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 20910 - Hypnosis Paving Your Path to Happiness And Spirituality $16.00   
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Presenter: Nicole Ruysschaert, MD

In their journey of life, most people are looking for “happiness”. What is real happiness? Many people are looking for pleasure, satisfaction, fun and joy with the risk of habituation and the never ending need of new or more challenging experiences. It’s worthwhile to analyze the concept of “authentic happiness” where positive emotions, engagement, meaning and relationships are building blocks of happiness.

In Seligman’s happiness formula we read S+C+V, set point and circumstances being less malleable. V or Variables encompass positive emotions, hope, motivation, giving meaning. Hypnosis is an efficient companion to work on these variables in a creative way. With hypnosis emotions about the past, present and future can be released, reframed, reinforced or changed. You can come in contact with some deeper levels of values, with your real self, and find some spiritual connection. You can focus on positive aspects of your past or current life, and these positive emotions are resources for a broaden-and-build action repertoire. Happiness is a result, part of a development. Hypnosis is a nice way to help people find their way to it.

During and at the conclusion of this session, the attendee will be able to:
-> Define happiness, authentic happiness, broaden and build theory of emotions; and
-> Demonstrate the effect of hypnosis on affect, mood and level of happiness


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