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 30054 - Embodied Approaches to Hypnosis: An Integrative Approach to Treating Adults Who Have Experienced ACEs $16.00   
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Presenter: Suzanne Candell, PhD, LP; Jennifer Stoos, MDiv, MA, LMFT

Embodied Approaches to Hypnosis: An Integrative Approach to Treating Adults Who Have Experienced ACEs

According to a large study, 65% of the population have experienced at least one Adverse Childhood Event (ACE). Research has found a significant relationship between ACEs and negative psychological, health, and social outcomes in adulthood. Facilitating transformative experiences in individuals with ACEs and other traumas is vital to building resilience and enabling successful change and healing. However, problems with mind body integration in this population can interfere with participation and progress in psychotherapy. This presentation focuses on Embodied Hypnosis, a three-step process that shows how to blend hypnosis with somatic approaches to psychotherapy to improve psychophysiological self-regulation, interactive and attachment capabilities, and day-to-day resilience. Recognizing the bi?directional influence of body and mind, attention will be paid to how hypnosis can cue the body to access adaptive movement creating a bridge to flexibility and well-being, and how to use hypnosis to address maladaptive physical phenomena. Emphasis will be placed on the use of these strategies to enable self-regulation and attachment skills in adults with ACE histories.


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